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New Recruiting Poster

We are pleased to introduce to you the newly designed GWRRA Recruiting Posters. We have created three, slightly different posters to help suit your needs. 

Poster number one has a light background to help conserve the amount of ink it will take to print. It also contains a blank text-box in the lower left corner to fill in the date, time, and place of your Chapter Meeting.   (Click Here)

Poster number two is identical to the first one except it has a darker background for those who prefer that look.  (Click Here)

Poster number three has the darker background and does not contain a text-box.  This may be more suitable for use as a flyer. (Click Here)

Please feel free to print any, or all, of these posters as an aid in your recruiting efforts. They can be placed at Chapter meeting locations, dealerships, rallies, mall shows, DMV’s or other locations of your choice.