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Policy Bulletins

Ending UTDP: 09-27-15

Scheduling ITCP Sessions: 09-26-19

Appointing Process: 12-03-15

Officer Resources

Announcement - GWRRA Restructure Effective 1-1-18

Documents Videos
Restructure: FAQ (pdf) Video to Members (youtube)
Restructure: Organization Chart (pdf) Video to Officers (youtube)
Restructure: Why Change? (pdf)  

Bike Show

Bike Show Light Show
Bike Show Forms Light Show Classifications
  Light Show Judging Form

Chapter & District Business

Chapter Closure Application Snapshot
Chapter and District Funds Snapshot Form (docx)
Confidentiality Agreement: Member Info Snapshot Directions (docx)
Downloads Page  
Incident Report Form  
Liberty Mutual Flyer Chapters  
New Chapter Worksheet  
Personalized Plaques  
Sign In Sheet  

Chapter Health

A New Approach to an Old Issue  
A New Twist on CPR  
Chapter CPR  
Reading Between the Lines  

Dealers Program

Dealer Membership
Dealer Letter  
Membership Benefits Form  
Sold Bike Membership Form  

Finance / Information Page →

Articles of Incorporation GWRRA Finances and the IRS
Articles of Incorporation GWRRA Finances and the IRS
  How To Apply For An EIN
Banking IRS Letter Example
Business Name Sample to fill out W-9 form
Checking Accounts SS-4 | Sample Form
~ Annual Reports ~ Other
Download and Save Documents Before Using Change of Address 8822-B | Sample Form
  Control of Property
2022 Financial Register and Report (XLS)  
Use as Needed  
Bank Information Form (XLSX | PDF)  
Equipment List (XLSX | PDF)  
Financial Report Cover Sheet (PDF)  

Home Office

Certificate of Insurance  
Drop Letter  
Evidence of Insurance  
Grievance Form  
Privacy Policy  
Reimbursement Request Form  
Travel Authorization Form
Wing Ding - Operations Manual  
Wing World Advertising  
Wing World Event Order  

MAP Program and Recognition

Gold Award Description Downloads
MVP/Merit Award Description Coloring Book
Print 2-sided on 8 1/2 X 11 paper, fold in half and then fold in half again.
Program Description Find the Motorcycle Game
MAP Activity Form
MAP Logo
Who Rides MC | Self Defense for Riders | Help Us Survive

Marketing Collateral

GWRRA Logo Road Riders Rescue Ads
JPEG | PNG | EPS 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Wing-Ding 41 Ads Cruise Recruitment Contest
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Newsletter 1 | Newsletter 2 | Poster


GWRRA Membership Application  
Transfer of Membership  

MEP Programs and Recognition

Couple of the Year Program Area Report
Find A Friend Recruiting Material Master You Make the Difference Certificate
MEC of the Year Program Master You Make the Difference Certificate with Border
Recruitment Label (Avery 4x2)
Recruiting Poster

Officer Appointing Process

2022 Thru 2017
Oath of Office (PDF) Operations: Appointment Process (JPG)
Officer Change Appointment Programs: Appointment Process (JPG)
Memorandum of Understanding Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)
Appointment Process
Tools Generic Treasurer Certificate of Appointment (DOC)
Interview Process Video (MP4) Generic MEP Certificate of Appointment (DOC)
Interview Questions (DOC) | (PDF) Generic Certificate of Appreciation (DOC)
Officer Review Form (DOC) | (PDF) MAP Certificate of Appointment (DOC)

Officer Position Descriptions

Officer Role Statements

Official Products

Official Products Catalog
Updated Officer Discount  

Officer Recognition

Director Membership Enhancement
Director Award Program for Directors Director Award Program for MEP
Director Nomination Checklist MEP Nomination Checklist
Director Senior Award Nomination Form MEP Senior Award Nomination Form
Officer Change Appointment Form Officer Change Appointment Form
Motorist Awareness Rider Ed - Ride Coordinator
Director Award Program for Motorist Director Award Program for RE - RC
MAP Nomination Checklist RE - RC nomination checklist
MAP Senior Award Nomination Form RE - RC Senior Award Nomination Form
Officer Change Appointment Form Officer Change Appointment Form
Treasurer University
Director Award Program for Treasurer Director Award Program for University
Treasurer Nomination Checklist University Nomination Checklist
Treasurer Senior Award Nomination Form University Senior Award Nomination Form
Officer Change Appointment Form Officer Change Appointment Form

Red Hat and RE Program Hall of Fame Awards

REP Red Hat Award Criteria & Nomination Form Past Red Hat Award Recipients
REP Hall of Fame Award Criteria & Nomination Form Past Hall of Fame Award Recipients

Rider Ed

Acronyms List  
N.1RE Rider Educator Checklist N.1RC Ride Coordinator Checklist
N.5 Rider Education Knowledge Level Evaluation N.6 Rider Education Activity Report
N.7 REP Level I-III Applicaiton N.9 Master Tour Rider/Corider Application
N.10 Data Update/Renewal Form N.13A RCI Application
N.17 Vehicle Inspection Form N.33A Level I-III and Master Retirement Request
N.33 Honorary Master Tour Rider/Corider Recognition Application

University (GWRRA University)

Glossary of Terms
University Website  
University Handbook  

*All Forms & Documents are in .pdf format and require Adobe's Acrobat Reader to download.