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To all Region Directors: Please make sure all the Officers in your Region are aware of this policy.

Chapter, Districts and Regions are affiliates of GWRRA and are separate from GWRRA.

Many accounts are being opened with the IRS and financial institutions under various names such as, GWRRA of Arizona, Arizona GWRRA, AZ-A GWRRA. (Please note: the above is just an example and does not reflect any actual accounts Arizona has opened.)

When an Officer of GWRRA opens any type of account, they should be requesting the account in the name of the Chapter, District or Region.  Here are some examples of the format that should be used.

Example 1:  Garry Woo, the CD of AZ-A, would request an account in the name of    
                    “Chapter AZ-A” 

Example 2:   Diane Lumpkin, the DD of AZ, would request an account in the name of
                     “District AZ”

Example 3:   Melissa Eason, the RD of Region F, would request an account in the name  
                     of “Region F”

Please be sure Officers are using the above format. We are hoping that by becoming consistent, this will alleviate some of the problems the IRS is having when trying to identify certain Chapters, Districts and Regions.

Thank you for your cooperation.