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Hello, we are the Beeman's, Bruce & Barb from the great state of Minnesota. We grew up in Austin, MN and are high school sweethearts. After high school, I joined the Navy and spent the next four years sailing the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Barb & I were married shortly before I was discharged from the Navy and moved back to Austin. We have two children and three grand-daughters.

My first experience with a motorcycle was due to a friend that had a bad accident (unrelated to motorcycling) and broke his back. Well, he had this 750 Honda that he couldn't ride for at least three years and offered it to me to ride while he was laid up, what could I say? After that it's like most; small kids, job, little money and it's not something the whole family can do, soooo no bike. Instead campers, boats, you know family things that everyone can be part of (DC during children) and we had a blast. THEN, they grew up and left the nest and the phone stopped ringing, and the door bell stopped ringing the radio was even on. The boat sat in the driveway and one day Barb said sell it or I'll plant flowers in it, I sold it.

NOW what! (AC after children) I came home and told Barb I was going to buy a motorcycle. Yup, you guessed it, she looked at me and said, "You have really lost your mind." Yes I did, 1100 Gold Wing in February in Minnesota, think about it. Man, I shined on that bike and come spring, I was ready to hit the road, and Barb's comment was, "If you are still alive in a couple months I might get on it with you." Well, she did and now when our bike leaves the driveway she's most likely on it. We now have a 2006 1800 wing and have found something we both love.

We found our way into GWRRA through a friend that had invited us to the Int'l Bike Show in Minneapolis, MN. As we were walking around and came across the GW booth and the friend said you should join GW, they have a great magazine; so I did and that was the start of a great adventure. We have met some of the most wonderful people in our hometown because of our Chapter, across our home state by visiting other Chapters and by attending our District, Rallies and from there to other Districts and of course the biggy, Wing Ding.

One of the friends we have met in our adventure has found the way to have FUN in GW and that is to participate, participate, participate and if you do that you will have FUN and enjoy your GWRRA membership. We are looking forward to our newest adventure as Region E Directors and hope we see you at a GW event and please be careful out there, the life you save just might be your own.

Thank You & Ride Safe,
Bruce & Barb Beeman
GWRRA Region E


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