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CHAPTER LIFE Many Members feel Chapter Life is the single most important benefit of belonging to GWRRA . It is the means whereby GWRRA has FUN, grows, teaches, educates, informs and establishes a basis for GWRRA�s very existence. The Chapter gathering aspect is what we strive the hardest to accomplish; and for many reasons, some of which are stated below.

New Friends: Countless new friends with a common interest are made. It provides an opportunity to ride our Gold Wings with our friends.

Safe Riding: Safe riding is promoted to make our riding experience even more enjoyable. Skills and safety techniques are learned.

Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge: You really get an opportunity to live the motto of "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge."

The best advice that can be offered is to attend a Chapter meeting (sometimes referred to as a "gathering" or "get-together"). These meetings (normally held monthly) are social events that try to offer something for everyone. New ideas are always welcome!

You do not "join" a Chapter; you are a Member of GWRRA and a �participant� of a Chapter or Chapters. You can participate in as many or as few activities and meetings as you wish! There are no applications or fees needed to participate in a GWRRA Chapter. With over 800 Chapters, when you travel you�re never far from "home."

There are many benefits to GWRRA membership. We strive for improvement by attending GWRRA safety workshops. We share technical expertise, news and tips about riding, maintenance and the best touring routes in the world. We also offer emergency towing and roadside assistance program. Rescue is a benefit that ensures peace of mind, day or night. Membership, signified by our special, membership card, also results in benefits like discounts at many Honda dealerships, certain hotels, campgrounds and travel agencies. And, if you ever need help when traveling, our Gold Book Directory connects you with your nearest friends wherever you are.

Once you join GWRRA, you can participate with as many Chapters as you choose. You decide your own level of involvement and time. Wherever you go, wherever you travel, you're welcomed. GWRRA membership opens doors to friendship everywhere you ride. There are no expectations, riding requirements, elections, politics, required uniforms or Chapter dues. We invite you to share the joys of owning and riding your Gold Wing with 80,000 people like you worldwide! We even guarantee you'll be glad you did!