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I would like to thank the Goldwing group for their efforts last year to encourage the members to travel and meet other members. Last year when I received my July issue of the Goldwing Magazine, the sleeve had my name and address on it but the magazine inside had the name and address of Brian Brockel in Osoyoos, B.C. printed on it. My wife and I had been thinking of a trip to Osoyoos to thaw out and dry up as in Edmonton we were receiving copious amounts of rain and snow in June. We packed the bike and headed out of town on Friday July 8 in another driving thunder storm to deliver Brian's Goldwing Magazine. We accomplished this delivery a couple of days later and had an enjoyable visit with Brian and Sandra who offered to provide a guided tour of the area including a ride on the famous Green Mountain Road. We had a fantastic ride and enjoyed all the scenic areas that Brian and Sandra guided us to. Before we left for home, Brian received a July Goldwing magazine for Ron Schultz in Red Deer. Again, the sleeve had Brian's name and address but the magazine had Ron's name and address printed on the magazine.Since my wife and I were heading home in the direction of Red Deer we made the delivery of this magazine to Ron's home where we met his wife. We had not been to Red Deer in years so were able to see first hand the massive amount of residential growth that had taken place over the past fifteen years.

Doreen and I just thought that this was such a great trip made so by the folks we met and places we toured to and of course Goldwing's unique initiative into effecting a creative travel idea. Maybe this year it will be a Goldwing Magazine for a person in New Zealand. We can hardly stand the suspense.

Thanks one and all for an enjoyable summer ride.

Ralph Williams
Goldwing Member 082502
Edmonton, Alberta

This was an act of kindness, above and beyond the act of kindness.

On Sunday, August 7, 2011, my brother and I were on a return trip back to Brooklyn, NY from Las Vegas, NV. We were both riding the GL1500 Goldwings. On Monday August 8, while riding eastbound on the I-40 in Gallup, New Mexico, my bike started to lose power and shut down. I called roadside assistance, but they wanted to tow me back to Phoenix, AZ, more than 200 miles west of the direction I was traveling.

My Brother and I got the bike off the road and looked in the Gold Book where we made contact with Shelia and Wendell Nicholson of Gallup, NM.

Wendell stated he knew where we were and that he would be there in about 30 minutes. He arrived within 30 minutes in his pickup truck and did some troubleshooting on the bike. It was determined that the alternator was defective. The bad news was that in New Mexico, motorcycle shops were closed on Mondays.
Wendell suggested we get a room and that he would come early the next day with a trailer and tow me to Albuquerque, NM, which is 135 miles away becayse there is no Honda shop in Gallup, NM. At 6AM the following morning, Wendell was at the motel. We loaded the bike on a trailer that he provided and were off to Albuquerque. By the way, after we checked into the motel, Wendell treated me and my brother to lunch. I wanted to pick up the tab, but Wendell wouldn’t hear of it.

We arrived in Albuquerque approximately two and a half hours later. Wendell had called ahead the day before and advised the owner/service manager (also a friend on Wendell’s) that he was bringing us in the next day. The shop did not have a replacement compu-fire alternator, but did have a used stock alternator which they said would get me back to New York. Or I had the option of him ordering a compu-fire alternator overnight, but it wouldn’t arrive until the next day.

I decided to go with the used stock alternator. During the time that we were waiting for the bike to be repaired, Wendell offered to take me and my brother sight-seeing, shopping, or anything else that we would like to do in Albuquerque. We arrived back in New York 3 days later with no more problems.
For all that Wendell did in assisting us, he refused to accept any type of monetary gift. Not even gas money for the truck that towed us.

Wendell, you are a real gem and I want to thank you again for being there in my time of Distress!

Forever in your debt,
The Smith Boys. Willie #100575 and Sidney #108192