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Issue: I'm having trouble downloading files?

  • It is not uncommon to have issues when opening large files directly from a website. The application program used with the file being downloaded can hang up and become unresponsive. The remedy is to right click on the file you want and select "Save Target As.." This will allow you to download the file to a directory of your choice. Once downloaded then open the file from the directory on your computer.


Issue: I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for?

  • The flowchart below is an overview of where items can be found on the Website. Some of the items are hyperlinked to take you directly them.

REP Home     Levels Program   National Newsletter
Goals and Purpose     Explanation of the GWRRA Rider Education Levels Program   Where you can find current and past issues of the Rider Education Newsletter
Scheduled Rider Course Instructor Training Information      
REP Officer Section   UTREP Presenter
Rider Education Announcements   Introduction to the GWRRA Seminar Program
Educator's Toolbox

All Forms in Chronological Order

Officer Role, Appointment Process, Conduct, and Policy

Officers Handbook

Officer Forms

Level Forms

Master Recognition Eligibility

Helpful Tips and Information

Top Gun & Amazing Team Challenge

Inspection Forms


Secure Seminar File Area

(Requires Username and Password to enter)

Co-Rider Seminar

Motorcycle Crash Scene Response

Motorcycling for  Mature Riders

Road Captain Course

Seasoned Rider Supplement

Team Riding Seminar

Trailering Seminar

Seminar Presenter Development Program (SPDP)

Rider Course Instructor  

Contact Information

Listing of all Trainers



Introduction of the MEDIC FIRST AID program

Listing of Trainers

Introduction to the GWRRA Rider Course Instructor Program    

Rider Course File Area

(Requires Username and Password to enter)


Rider Course Instructor Certification

Rider Course Master Instructor Certification

Advanced Rider Course (ARC)

Trike Rider Course (TRC)

Sidecar Rider Course (SRC)

Trailering Course (TC)

Instructor Certification Class Program (ICC)

ARC/Rider Course Instructor Certification Program (RCICP)

TRC/Rider Course Instructor Certification Program (RCICP)

Motorist Awareness

Introduction of the GWRRA Motorist Awareness Program

Presentation File for the general public


REP Clip Art

Useful Rider Education Brochures and Clip Art Files