Rider Course Instructor Certification Program (RCICP).
GWRRA, Region F, CO District will host an Advanced Rider Course (ARC) Instructor Certification Programs (RClCP) November 15-19 at the GO-AZ Facility, 15500 N. Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ., 85260
Both the CIDM (Classroom Instructor Development Module) and the RCIT (Rider Course Instructor Training) will be at the GO-AZ facility.
The Master Instructor Trainer (MIT) conducting the class is Bob Berry.
Questions regarding this course can be directed to Region F Rider Educator Mike Werner
at 303-795-6059, goldwinger2@hotmail.com
Members wishing to become Rider Course Instructors (RCIs) through this Course should submit Rider Education Form N.13A to the Director, Rider Course Programs through their District and Region Educators respectively as soon as possible.
Region Educators, please ensure any interested member is referred to the Rider Education Program Handbook, paragraph I.3.1.1 through I.3.3.2 Consideration will be given to such factors as Member demographics and the Number of Instructors already certified in the area;
Rider Course Instructor candidates will be approved based on the following criteria and the needs of GWRRA.

  1. Be a currently certified MSF, CSC or ESC Instructor in good standing* or meet the published criteria for participating in an RCICP.
  2. Submit a completed GWRRA Rider Course Instructor Application (N.13A) with current validating credentials.
  3. Have no more than 4 points on his/her motorcycle license.
  4. Have no DUI convictions within the past five years.
  5. Be current in Level III or above in the REP Levels program.
  6. Be a GWRRA Member in good standing
  7. Demonstrate safe riding habits by always wearing proper riding gear as defined in the REP Levels program.