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Thank you, thank you!

Firstly, to you, the GWRRA members, for your enthusiasm, dedication, and loyalty to Honda and our flagship model, the incomparable Gold Wing. Secondly, for the invitation and opportunity to become closer to you through this dedicated page. The associates of American Honda and GWRRA members have a lot in common; we share a passion for motorcycling and the camaraderie it brings. The GWRRA motto of “Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge” also rings true for Honda associates, in that we are dedicated, through knowledge, to provide safe fun for you, our customers, and ourselves. You see, as well as designing, building, and selling Hondas, we love to ride them too! Furthermore, the GWRRA's commitment to charitable work and “acts of kindness” toward others is mirrored by Honda's philanthropy, such as our long-time involvement with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation's Ride for Kids events.

Through our continuing involvement with the GWRRA, in such events as Wing Ding, we look forward to getting to know you better and for you to do the same with us. We'll also bring you information from our side of the Gold Wing family to yours.

Quality Assurance

Honda has a well-deserved reputation for design and manufacturing quality. Some of the ways we ensure that quality is through testing; feedback from customers, dealers, and Honda field staff; and the investigations by the staff of American Honda’s Product Technical Support department. These activities form a feedback loop that provides Honda engineers and production staff with the information they need to make any necessary changes.

Sometimes improvements need to be made to vehicles that have already been produced, sold, and are in customers' hands. In these instances American Honda may issue a Service Bulletin. A Service Bulletin is the umbrella term we use for a variety of actions, depending upon the issue. Below is a list of Service Bulletins and a description of each.

  • Recall-Safety: A defect may exist that could compromise safety; has no end date.
  • Recall-Emissions: A defect may exist that could cause an emissions failure; has no end date.
  • Recall-Compliance: Something, such as a label, is not compliant with government regulations; has no end date.
  • Product Update Campaign: Not safety related, but the vehicle is inspected and/or a component updated; effective for a specified time with an end date.
  • Extended Warranty: Under certain circumstances, the warranty on a component is extended to ensure longer-term protection; end date is determined by extended warranty length.

If you receive a notification that your motorcycle is affected by any of these types of Service Bulletins, please take the appropriate action as instructed in the customer letter.

GL1800 Safety Recall:
Secondary Master Cylinder Inspection/Replacement

Through the procedure described above, Honda has determined that a safety recall is required for GL1800 motorcycles manufactured before September 2011. The recall involves the inspection and possible replacement of the Combined Brake System secondary master cylinder, which is located on the left front fork.

If you own an affected motorcycle, you should receive a letter about this recall by the end of January 2012. If you don’t, perhaps through a change of address or ownership, please access our website: powersports.honda.com to download a copy of the customer letter. Then, follow the instructions in the letter to have your Gold Wing inspected at a Honda dealer.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this recall may cause. However, as your safety is our first priority, please allow us to address this issue as soon as possible.

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