5.15.14 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Derry Stangel our May "Where's Wingy" Winner!

Wingy is located on page 20 on the top of the red saddle bag on the left hand side of the page.

4.17.14 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Harold G. Darnell our April "Where's Wingy" Winner!

Wingy is located on page 20 in the lower left-hand corner of the camera.

4.1.14 :: "Rescue Plus: Not Without Making it Better."

Over the 16 years that Iíve had the privilege to serve the membership of GWRRA, I have always been amazed how hard this organization works to take care of each and every one of its Members. Very few groups of this nature provide their membership with as much as GWRRA does and that continues to be a great sense of pride for all of us. So much so that we spend countless hours looking for the next great product or service that we can proudly bring into the GWRRA package of Member benefits.

One that we take pride in is our roadside assistance program, better known as Rescue and Rescue Plus. As you know, Rescue is included with your membership and provides roadside assistance to your motorcycles. Rescue Plus is an add-on benefit, which works on not only your motorcycles, but also your non-commercial vehicles.

For the last 10-plus years, our Rescue Plus program has been offered at a rate of $25 per year ó a price that is almost 75 percent less than its nearest competitor. Through the increases in fuel costs, insurance costs and typical inflation price increases, we worked hard to keep it fixed in order to keep offering an amazing program at an even more amazing rate.

Unfortunately, we have found ourselves in a position where we can no longer offer such an outstanding benefit at its current price. Beginning April 1, 2014, the price of our Rescue Plus program will increase to $35 per year after almost 10 years at its previous rate. But at this price, we are still more than 70 percent below our fellow competitors offering a similar (and often inferior) product. As much as we disliked increasing our rates, we refused to do so without adding additional benefits to this already great program.

Our program will now also include two new benefits to enhance your Rescue Plus, the first being MedeFile, a digitally secure way to keep your medical records. Having your medical records handy could be crucial in an emergency situation, particularly if youíre out on the road. The second is a prescription discount card that you can use at thousands of pharmacies to reduce the cost of your prescriptions. Alternatively, you can also use the discounts for mail-order prescriptions.

I hope that you will give this great program a try. It brings us great joy and peace of mind to know that our membership is taken care of no matter where they are or whether they are on two, three or four wheels. For more information, please contact our Member Services department at 800–843–9460.

Abel Gallardo President President@gwrra.org

3.17.14 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Sam Einfeldt our March "Where's Wingy" Winner!

Wingy is located on page 28 in the picture with the type writer. He is on the right side of the keys.

2.13.14 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Roger Norman our February "Where's Wingy" Winner!

Wingy is located on page 51 of the Feb. WW in the top middle picture to the right of the Silver Wing just to the side of the street sign.

1.14.14 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

John F. Wood from Lexington, SC.

Our January "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 39 in the top-left picture, sitting next to the gentleman's beard.

12.12.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Larry Poteet from Mustang, OK.

Our December "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 44, sitting in the coin slot of the telescope.

11.21.13 :: "Ticket To Ride Winner Announcement

Steve Crane of Asheboro, NC.

The winner of the brand new 2012 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 from the Ticket To Ride contest. The winning ticket number: 137240.View pictures of the delivery in North Carolina.

11.18.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Kevin Greenwald from Sheboygan, WI.

Our November "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 30, in the lower right of the Work Bench feature photo.

10.7.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

William Flowers from Linden, NC.

Our October "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 51, on the driver's right foot peg.

10.3.13 :: Holiday Gift Guide

The new Wing World Magazine Holiday Gift Guide is out and posted on the Wing World Magazine website here. It's a list of some of our favorite vendors that can help you find the right gift for the motorcycle lovers in your life.

9.12.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Jerry Tate from Cairo, GA.

Our September "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 74, on the seat, behind the windshield of the silver GL1800.

9.12.13 :: It's 2014 Gold Book Time

Yes, it's that time of year again. New Members, if you would like to be listed in the 2014 Gold Book Service Directory, contact GWRRA before October 31, 2013! Learn more

8.19.13 :: Find a Friend

A big thank you to Lunasee for donating an ASL 1000, two wheel, side lighting kit (retail value $199.95) for the GWRRA Find a Friend program. Please visit their website at: http://shop.lunasee.com/

Congratulations to Davind Angell of MN for winning the prize!

8.15.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Mary Schwartzmiller from Bedford, KY.

Our August "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 21, in the top overlay picture of the chop house, next to the door in the window.

7.16.13 :: Find a Friend

A big thank you to Lunasee for donating an ASL 1000, two wheel, side lighting kit (retail value $199.95) for the GWRRA Find a Friend program. Please visit their website at: http://shop.lunasee.com/

Congratulations to Gary Meyeholtz of IN for winning the prize!

7.08.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Bev Brown from Moweaqua, IL.

Our July "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 4, in the middle picture in front of the building, in third section from the right, next to the ice machine.

6.13.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Steve from Faller, MO.

Our June Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 30, Left of the orange motorcycle, sitting on table.

5.6.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Charles from Jones, FL.

Our May Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 31, On top of page right side next to bike kneeling in front.

5.1.13 :: Wing World Magazine

The June edition of Wing World Magazine is now online!
Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

4.4.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Bill & Debbie from Fort Gibson, OK

Our April Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 80, in the Lower right hand corner, sitting on arm rest of Wing in the Wing Ding ad. 

4.1.13 :: Wing World Magazine

The May edition of Wing World Magazine is now online!
Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

3.11.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Sharon from Farber, IL.

Our March Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 24, Sitting on the back of a Black bike in the 1st row.

2.28.13 :: Wing World Magazine

The April edition of Wing World Magazine is now online!
Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

2.7.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Carole Henderson from Canton, IL.

Our February Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 68, He is between the girl in a lawn chair and the man standing up.

2.1.13 :: "Wing World Magazine"

The March issue of Wing World Magazine is now online! Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

1.9.13 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Eric Eck from Keizer, OR.

Our January Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 37, Wingy is between the round green tree and guy in the orange and yellow jacket.

1.3.13 :: "Wing World Magazine"

The February issue of Wing World Magazine is now online! Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

12.10.12 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Ron Mitchell from Copperas Cove, TX.

Our December Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 67, He's in the "Thoroughbred Motorsports" picture in the center of the page.

11.27.12 :: GWRRA 35th Anniversary Cruise Pics Online!

CLICK HERE to see pictures from our 7 day Carribean cruise celebrating our 35th anniversary! We all had a great time!

11.8.12 :: New Womens Clothing Line!

You ladies asked for it and now you got it.  GWRRA is proud to announce a whole new product line just for the women of GWRRA.  We have short sleeve shirts in all different styles, lounge pants to wear on a chilly night, and a brand new storm jacket to protect you from the elements. Click here to see our latest styles!

11.8.12 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

 Diana M. McKenzie of Cumberland, Maryland!

Page 81 - He is in the picture entitled "Just Jokin’...” Wingy is over to the right behind the grass.

11.5.12 :: Wing World Website

We just launched a brand new, redesigned website for Wing World Magazine! Visit the new site at http://wingworldmag.com/ Also, check out Wing World Magazine's New Facebook page! http://facebook.com/WingWorldMag

11.1.12 : Wing World Magazine:

The December Issue of Wing World Magazine is now available online! Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

9.13.12 :: New Antigua Clothing Line

We just received our new antigua line of mens polo shirts! Made of %100 polyester with desert dry moisture management. A very lightweight and comfortable shirt to wear for all occasions! Show your support for GWRRA with these brand new polo shirts. Sizes vary upon model. Click Here!

8.28.12 :: New Product! Long Sleeve Dry Tech

Check out our NEW Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Royal Blue Tee. For only $24.99! This stain resistant Tee is designed with moisture wicking and anti-microbial protection and with its Four-way stretch fabric it allows for greater mobility! Also, the tight knit fabric will resist snagging with 100% polyester interlock construction!

8.21.12 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

JoAnn MacLean of Canyon Country, California!

Page  21 - In the advertisement for Richard M Lester. Wingy is in the middle of the 2 men kneeling in front of the car.

8.1.12 :: Wing World Magazine

The September issue of Wing Wolrd Magazine is available online now! http://wingworldmag.com

7.16.12 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Dallas Risling of Yanktown, SD!

Page  68 - Bottom picture, under the flag pole on the right side.

7.10.12 :: "New Member Benefits!"

You can now save 15% off your stay at Red Roof Inn, or 10% off at Motel 6! Visit the Benefits Page for full details.

7.5.12 :: "New Director of GWRRA"

Jere Goodman named new director of Gold Wing Road Riders Association! Official Press Release Here

6.4.12 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner

Tim Istvan of Calgary, Alberta!

Page  4 - Wingy is at the bottom of the page, at the convention, just to the right of the Wingstuff banner in the back..

5.31.12 :: Wing World Magazine

Visit http://www.wingworldmag.com to read the July issue of Wing World Magazine.

5.24.12 :: KOA Discontinues Value Kard Rewards Membership Program

KOA has announced today that they have discontinued the Value Kard Rewards Membership Program. KOA is working on a new offer which we will introduce as soon as it's available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

5.24.12 :: Wing Ding Spotlight Now available!

Click Here for the Wing Ding Spotlight!

5.7.12 :: GWRRA On Good Morning Arizona

Click here to watch GWRRA show its support on "Good Morning Arizona"

4.18.12 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner

Dot Kapp of Phoenix, AZ!

Page  19 - There are seven pictures across the bottom of the page, he is in third picture from the left.

4.13.12 :: GWRRA 35th Anniversary Cruise Update

Norwegian Cruise Lines announced today that April 23, 2012 is the deadline date to guarantee prices for the GWRRA 35TH Anniversary Caribbean Cruise. Reservations will be accepted after the deadline date of April 23, at the prevailing prices established by NCL. Click here for details...

4.9.12 :: Price Correction: Midwest Cycle Pro

The LED Driving Lights by Add On were advertised in the May issue of Wing World magazine with an incorrect price.  The correct price is $259.95.  We sincerely apologize for the error.

2.9.12 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner

Doug Mundy of Omaha, Ne.

Page  53 - He is on the left side of page 42. In the window of the blue tent camper by Time Out Trailers Inc.

2.2.12 :: New President of GWRRA

GWRRA is proud to announce our new president Abel Gallardo! Official Press Release Here.

2.2.12 :: 35th Anniversary Cruise Port of Call Update

Norwegian Cruise Lines announced the GWRRA 35th Anniversary Cruise Port of Call in Jamaica has changed from Falmouth to Ocho Rios. Please click to read this update

1.27.12 :: 35th Anniversary Cruise Update

The GWRRA 35th Anniversary Cruise date has changed. Please click to read this important update

1.12.12 :: Web Site Give Away

Congratulations to this week's winners! If you haven't won yet, today is the last day for your chance to get your hands on some great prizes!

Monday's winners; Online Wingy Winner - John Bird, Facebook - Dan Simpson, Twitter - Dwayne Harmon.

Tuesday's Winners; Online Wingy Winner - David Hatton, Facebook - Jim Hewitt, Twitter - Brenda Perkinson.

Wednesday's Winners: Online Wingy Winner - Mary Schwartzmiller, Facebook - Clarence Rowe, Twitter - Lloyd Walker

1.11.12 :: John Lehman Passes Away

Lehman Trikes Founder and Director, John Lehman, passed away January 5th. Our condolences to the lehman family. Click here for Industry News Article.

1.9.12 :: Loyalty Savings Program

Please read this Press Release regarding the *NEW* member savings loyalty coupons program!


Wingy is lost in the online world! Find him each day this week and you could win some great prizes. To learn how else you can win, Click Here.

1.8.12 :: New Website & Prize Giveaway

Please read this Press Release to find out how you can win prizes simply by visiting our new site, liking our facebook page, or following us on twitter!

1.4.12 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner

Charles J. Jones of Melbourne, FL

Page  53 - January 2012 issue On bottom left of page on rock above cycle on the left side.

12.16.11 :: "Never Pay Dues Again!"

Please read this Press Release to find out how you can never pay dues again!

12.1.11 :: Wing World Magazine

Visit http://www.wingworldmag.com to read the December issue of Wing World Magazine.

11.10.11 :: Office Max Member Benefit

Please read this Press Release concerning the GWRRA Office Max member benefit program.

11.9.11 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner

Sue Gundy from Millersport, OH
Winner of the November Where's Wingy Contest.

Wingy is on page 4, in the picture, In the Zone, in Sharon left hand.

11.3:11 :: GWRRA 35th Anniversary Cruise

Please read the Press Release for full details!

10.27.11 :: GWRRA 35th Anniversary

The 35th Anniversary logos are now available on the Downloads Page!

10.19.11 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:
Bob & Robin Maher from Durham, NC!!
Winner of the October Where's Wingy Contest.

Wingy is on page 38.
In the picture with the Buffalo.. standing in front of the trees, at the top of the ridge, behind and just left of the buffalo

9.28.11 :: NEW Products!

Check out our new line of graphic T-shirts! Click Here! We have also lowered the price of our Riding Jacket from $95 to $85!

9.27.11 :: Wing World Magazine

The October issue of Wing Word Magazine is now online! Visit http://www.wingworldmag.com

9.07.11 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Michael Young from Genesee, PA
Winner of the September Where's Wingy Contest.

Wingy is on page 59, in the picture at the bottom of the page, on the stage next to the lights.

8.31.11 :: Wing World Magazine

The October issue of Wing Word Magazine is now online! Visit http://www.wingworldmag.com

8.08.11 :: Wing Ding 34

The new Wing Ding 34 site is now online! Click here

8.07.11 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Carma Steigmeier from Shelbyville, KY!!
Winner of the August Where's Wingy Contest.

Wingy is located in the picture on page 60.
In the picture with the caption "Randy and Susan said hey just had to find a way to fit the Wing onboard for the cross-country trip!" "Wingy" is on top of a stand in the trailer.

8.3.11 :: Membership Benefits

We are proud to introduce our FOUR new membership benefits! Avis, Budget, TNT Vacations, Go Ahead Tours!

8.3.11 :: August E-Newsletter

The August E-Newsletter is now online. To read previous E-Newsletters please visit our E-Newsletter Archive.

7.28.11 :: Wing World Magazine

The September issue of Wing Word Magazine is now online! Visit http://www.wingworldmag.com

7.25.11 :: Breaking News.....

All GWRRA Chapters beware. It has come to our attention that there is a band of mascot kidnappers running rampant through out our Association. We don't know when and where they will strike next. The first victim has been taken and his the ransom note and picture are below. Stay on your toes and keep a close eye on your mascot friends before you fall victim to these outlaws. 

I have your Bullwinger......DO NOT CALL THE AUTHORITIES IF YOU WANT TO SEE HIM AGAIN! I have included photographic verification of his well being. DO NOT TRY ANYTHING AS HE WILL BE MOVED OFTEN TO AVOID BEING LOCATED. I mean him no harm and will contact you in the near future with my demands.

Blue Phantom

(Click for full size)

7.18.11 :: Trikes & Bikes Cancelled

Click here for the press release.

7.11.11 :: Wings Of Gold

Wings of Gold is now on the Downloads page. Click here to listen.

7.11.11 :: Wing Ding 34 Press Release

Wing Ding 34 will be in Fort Wayne , IN July 4th = 7th 2012. See you there! Click Here for the Press Release

7.07.11 :: Membership Benefits

New member benefits have been added! Click here to see our latest membership benefit for VPI Pet Insurance.

7.06.11 :: "Where's Wingy?" Winner:

Jimmie Brooks from Pass Christian, MS!!
Winner of the July Where's Wingy Contest.

Wingy is on page 64. Located on the right hand side of the black gold wing towards the center of the picture.

7.06.11 :: Wing Ding

Today is day 1 of Wing Ding in Knoxville, Tennessee. If your in the area visit us for a day. Wing-Ding will be Fort Wayne, Indiana 2012!

7.06.11 :: Honda Dealer Program

GWRRA thanks all the following Honda Dealers for participating in the GWRRA Honda Dealer Program. We encourage all our Officers, Members and guests to visit and support their nearest Honda Dealer. Click here

6.07.11 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Marvin Maki from Soudan, MN!!
Winner of the June Where's Wingy Contest.

Wingy is located in the picture on page 34.
Located to the right of the lady's left shoulder,
in front of the cup holder on the Gold Wing's handlebar.

5.09.11 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Don Nall from Brookland, AR!!
Winner of the May Where's Wingy Contest.

Wingy is located in the bottom photo on page 89, and
is on the bottom left side of the Southernmost point marker.

4.21.11 :: Office Closure date:

Home Office will be closed Monday, April 25th in observance of Easter.

4.04.11 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Jim & Nancy Hanley from Lancaster, OH!!
Winner of the April Where's Wingy Contest.

Wingy is located on page 42 in the lower left half of the photo in the rocks surrounded by bushes.

3.17.11 :: New Webpage for Trikes!

There is now a webpage dedicated to Trikes. You can find it by Clicking Here, or by finding it under the "Programs" tab above. We're looking for content provided by you! So please, send us your stories, ideas, memories, and experiences and we may place it on the webpage!

3.16.11 :: GWRRA Is Now On YOUTUBE!

GWRRA is now on Youtube! Click the link to see Video from the 40 to Phoenix ride this morning.

3.07.11 :: GWRRA Privacy Policy

Click here to download the GWRRA Privacy Policy Document.

3.07.11 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Bobby Masuzumi from Huntington Beach, CA!!
Winner of the March 'Where's Wingy' contest.

'Wingy' was on page 59 in the ad on the hillside looking down at the 2000 Honda Shadow ACE near Bryce Canyon, Utah .

3.1.11 :: American Honda Press Release

Please pick the file format you prefer. DOC or PDF

2.02.11 :: Passport Program

GWRRA is proud to announce that the Passport Program is under way! You will be receiving your Passport Book with your March issue of Wing World. From now until July 31, 2012, if you complete your Passport by going to official GWRRA events (and return it to GWRRA Home Office), you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win special prizes! Click here for more details.

2.02.11 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Mary Schwartzmiller of Bedford, KY
Winner of the February Where's Wingy Contest.

Wingy is on the page 50, on counter beside cup lids and above exit sign.

1.04.11 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Roy Thelen of Fowler, Michigan
Winner of the January Where's Wingy Contest

Wingy is in the Wing World cover photo, to the right of the President faces on Mt. Rushmore

12.06.10 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Dennis Long of Green Valley, Arizona
Winner of the December Where's Wingy Contest

Wingy is in the photo on page 16 in the lower left corner, in the middle of picture.

11.23.10 :: Holiday Schedule

Please note the following holiday hours for GWRRA Home Office:

The office will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 25, 2010.

The office will be closed on Thursday, December 23, 2010 through Sunday, January 2, 2011.

11.11.10 :: A Special Thank You to our Armed Forces:

GWRRA would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to all who serve in the United States Armed Forces. We are truly grateful to you, and your families, for the unwavering commitment you have made so that we may all enjoy the freedoms and liberties we live with each day in our great nation.

11.03.10 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Thomas E. Reilly of Dover, KY
Winner of the November Where's Wingy Contest

Wingy is in the photo on page 90. He is sitting in the front row by the man kneeling.

10.27.10 :: GWRRA Website Maintenance

As many of you know, our websites and email have been down since 10/21/10. We were transitioning our servers and technology equipment so our new IT Department can take care of all our needs. During this transition, our email was inactive. Anything sent from 10/21/10 – 10/26/10 may not have gotten to us. Please resend your emails if you do not receive a response from us by Thursday afternoon.

10.11.10 :: How-to Opt out of 3rd party benefits

If you would like to opt out of 3rd Party communications, you can now do so at the Customer Service Online pages available here.
- Log in.
- Click on "Manage My Record" on the left menu.
- Select "Modify My Record" from the drop-down menu.
- Click the "Yes" option next to "Exclude me from 3rd Party Email/Mailings".

10.07.10 :: Opting out of 3rd party benefit programs

Director of GWRRA
Mike Stiger
4552 Leeward Drive
Pleasant Lake, MI 49272

GWRRA Members,

GWRRA prides itself in the outstanding Member Benefits we offer to our Membership. Some of the benefits consist of discount programs offered by 3rd party vendors. Our membership realizes significant savings through participation in these discount programs. Recently we have successfully negotiated some new “GWRRA Member Benefit Discount Programs”. In order to provide these benefits to our Membership, GWRRA provides these 3rd parties with a list of our Membership information. This is done confidentially with the provider of the service on a one-time basis. The 3rd party provider is legally bound to only use this information as specified in the negotiated contract with them, which is to send you information about their programs.

We take the release of confidential information of our Membership very seriously and go to great lengths to ensure that this information is used appropriately. However, some of our Members prefer that we do not share their information with these 3rd party program providers. We understand and respect their wishes. In the most recent issue of the “Wingin' It,” it was stated that if a Member chose to not have their information provided to these 3rd party providers, they would also no longer receive any communications from the Home Office, like “Wingin' It” and other similar communications. We received several contacts from our Membership disagreeing with this “all or nothing” option. Members Services agreed with this and worked with the IT Department to come up with a better solution.

Starting immediately, a new “3rd party filter” has been added to the Membership Database. With this option turned on, Member information will not be sent to 3rd party providers. However, all other Home Office communications will continue to be sent to the Member. If you would like to opt out of having your information provided to our 3rd party providers, please contact Member Services at memberservices@gwrra.org or call them at 800-843-9460.

I appreciate our Membership feedback regarding this issue and the timely solution that our Member Services and IT Departments came up with to address this issue.

Mike Stiger
Director of GWRRA

10.07.10 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

David Brosemer of Utica , NY
Winner of the October Where's Wingy Contest

Wingy is located on pg 56 inside the trunk of the just jokin photo.

9.02.10 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Joyce Rist of Yazoo City, MS
Winner of the September Where's Wingy Contest

Wingy is on page 59. He is on the right footboard (highway peg) of the first bike
on the right. The rider is dressed in red and black with a maroon bike.

8.07.10 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

William Bish of Mesa, AZ
Winner of the August Where's Wingy Contest

Wingy is found on page 8. He is in the group picture near the bottom of the right
hand column.

7.07.10 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Aubrey Fisher of Southington, CT
Winner of the July Where's Wingy Contest

Wingy is found on page 42, on the right hand side of the front porch of the gas station

6.07.10 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Robert Schultz from Norcross, GA
Winner of the June"Where's Wingy" contest.

Wingy was found in the photo on page 66, inside the red saddle bag

4.19.10 :: Mike Stiger Named Director of GWRRA:

Phoenix, AZ – Mike Stiger has been named Director of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA). The announcement was made by Paul Hildebrand, Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Phoenix-based motorcycle association. Mr. Stiger has held many positions in the Association with the
latest being the Director of Rider Education and has been a Member since 1997.

Mike states, “Lori and I are honored to have been asked by Paul Hildebrand, Founder and CEO of GWRRA, to be your new Director of GWRRA. Since joining GWRRA in 1997, the Association has been a wonderfully fun experience. Having a social network of friends to share our love of motorcycling has been very rewarding, and educational.”

Mr. Hildebrand goes on to state that Melissa Eason, former Executive Director, has been promoted to Chief Operations Officer at GWRRA. Both Melissa and Mike report to Paul Hildebrand, CEO, regarding their duties and objectives. Melissa and Mike will continue to work together for the betterment of our
membership. Congratulations to both Melissa and Mike on their promotions.

4.07.10 :: Gold Wing Road Riders Association Announces Recruitment Program:

Phoenix, AZ – Melissa Eason, Executive Director of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), announced a new Recruitment Program for the Association. The program will begin April 1, 2010, and run through April 30, 2010. It will be open to all Non-Members of GWRRA.

GWRRA is offering a special “SPRING” discount for the month of April for those who are NOT Members of the international motorcycle association. This world-renowned organization is featuring a FAMILY Membership for only $45, which is regularly $55 per year. GWRRA is also offering its INDIVIDUAL membership for a mere $40, compared to the normal $45 per year. It is a great time to join now and see what all the benefits of joining GWRRA will get you. Including a monthly, full-color magazine called Wing World. You will also receive a monthly, free e-Newsletter called Wingin’ It, plus access to over 800 local Chapters throughout the USA, Canada and several other countries. We will also send you our famous GOLD BOOK, the Members Only, Service Directory. In addition to these great benefits, you have access to all our other benefits listed on our website. Not to mention the world’s biggest and best Gold Wing party of the year, Wing Ding! Check it out here.

This is a limited time offer, so please act quickly and call us at 800-843-9460 or in Phoenix at 623-581-2500 and use the special code “SPRING” to sign up for your new Membership in GWRRA. Call us now! If you mail in a GWRRA application, it must have the word “SPRING” written on the top of the application in order to receive the special savings. The application must also be postmarked by April 30, 2010.

4.08.10 :: Lehman Good Turn Trike Program:

Lehman Trikes is accepting applications for their yearly “Good Turn Trike Program.”  The lucky recipient will receive a free trike conversion installed on the recipient’s personal motorcycle.  To learn more about this program and how to apply, visit www.lehmantrikes.com.  Hurry, deadline is April 30, 2010.

3.08.10 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Karen & James Martino
from Virginia Beach, VA
WinnerS of the March
"Where's Wingy" contest.

"Wingy" was on page 10,
in the picture accompanying
the Happy in Hawaii submission.
He is sitting on the front seat of
the GL1800, right in front of the helmet.

2.02.10 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Rose Hines
from Culpeper, VA Chapter VA- R
Winner of the February
"Where's Wingy" contest.

"Wingy" was on page 55,
on the second photo down
the left side of the page,
hiding in a cave.

12.02.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Jim Watson
from Russellville, AR, Chapter J
Winner of the December
"Where's Wingy" contest.

"Wingy" was on page 78, in the Electrical Connection ad on the switchblade key in the open position.

11.20.09 :: Purple Peddlers Performing on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parde:

The Ohio Purple Peddlers Tricycle Drill Team from GWRRA will appear on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City at 10:58 am, approximately, according to their captain, Kitty Lindgren. More Information

11.11.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Lyle Berg
from Zumbrota, MN
Winner of the November
"Where's Wingy" contest.

"Wingy" was on page 75, in the Lees-ure Lite Popup Tent Trailers ad under the tent awning.

10.26.09 :: Gold Book Information Updates:

It’s time to update your Gold Book listing.  To be sure you are listed in the 2010 Directory, you must have at least one code checked.  The deadline to register or make changes is October 31, 2009.  Please contact Member Services at 1-800-843-9460 for assistance.

10.21.09 :: Chapter Contest:

"Do you have a competitive spirit? Are you interested in winning some great prizes for yourself and your Chapter? Then we have a contest for you. Please click here for all the details."

10.21.09 :: Third Quarter Renewal Drawing Prize Winners:

Dave Shaffer - Columbus, IN,
Chrome World
Set of Elite 3 Tires

Jay Porter
Tipton, IN
Pakit Rak - Cooler Pak Bag with cover

Gerald Allison
Knoxville, TN
Motorcycle Accessories Now - Tubular Bike Rack

10.05.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Michael Young
from Genesee, PA
Winner of the October
"Where's Wingy" contest.

"Wingy" was on page 30, in the top left corner of the page in the picture of the world on the Wing Stuff ad.

09.01.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Ed Marx
from Green River, WY
Winner of the September
"Where's Wingy" contest.

"Wingy" was on page 84, in the doorway of the B&F Specialities Bunkhouse Campers & Cargo Trailers ad.

08.07.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Ruby Wyatt
from Clarksburg, WV
Winner of the August
"Where's Wingy" contest.

"Wingy" was on page 76,
in the headlight of the 1800 in
the F4 Customs Windshield ad.

07.07.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Jim Owens
from Oklahoma City, Ok
Winner of the July
"Where's Wingy" contest.

"Wingy" was on page 73,
inside the Aspen Ambassador trailer

06.17.09 :: 2008 Chapter Of The Year:

Melissa and I are pleased to announce the Chapter of the Year 2008.

Region A, Mississippi Chapter O|
1st Runner Up Region N, Tennessee Chapter Y
2nd Runner Up Region B, New Jersey Chapter G

Region H, Louisiana J
Region D, Ohio E2
Region E, Nebraska O
Region K, Quebec D
Region J, British Columbia D

The Chapter of the Year program was designed to recognize and acknowledge the extraordinary efforts and performance of local chapter leaders and members.............."The heartbeat of the Association".

The chapters listed above, in order of completion, have clearly
established themselves as leaders within the Association of 800+ chapters and we applaud them for their 2008 accomplishments and encourage all to continue their
leadership qualities for the 2009 CHOY program.

Thanks to all the Chapters / Districts / Regions that supported this program in 2008 and if all chapters set their goals to become NUMBER ONE in 2009, we will continue the growth and strength for the Association.

Best Regards,
Jim & Shirrin Hutchens
Chapter of the Year Program

06.05.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Cathy Devine
from Debert, NS Canada
Winner of the June "Where's Wingy" contest.

"Wingy" was on page 33 in the
Honda of Tupelo ad located in the background of the photo, left of the motorcycle.

05.04.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Lydia Houser
from Lorton, VA
Winner of the May "Where's Wingy" contest

"Wingy" was on page 59 in the
Gene's Gallery ad located
on the front left entrance door.

04.04.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Karen Durham
from Lindale, TX
Winner of the April"Where's Wingy" contest

"Wingy" was on page 74 in the
Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc
ad located next to the left paw of the bear.

04.20.09 :: “Thank you” just doesn’t seem adequate for all you do. :

“We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” -Winston Churchill

In observance of Volunteer Recognition Day, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the Volunteers of GWRRA. You, the Volunteers, are the key to our success, and we are fortunate to have the best volunteers around. Volunteers who put in countless hours: some by phone, some by computer, others by traveling and donating time at rallies. Many of you put in endless hours working behind the scenes, never asking for recognition or even a thank you. Your willingness to unselfishly share your time with other Members has enriched many lives. You always rise to the occasion and manage to go that extra mile for fellow Members. For your hard work and dedication to GWRRA, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Melissa Eason
Executive Director

03.05.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Marvin Ladnier from Irvington, AL
Winner of the March"Where's Wingy" contest.

"Wingy" was on page 84 in the
Super-Visor ad, on the screen of the Tire Supervisor.

02.25.09 :: Scheduled Message Board Maintenance Alert:

The Message Board will be down for maintenance on March 4, 2009 from 7:30a - 10:30a MST .

02.21.09 :: AmeriPlan® Added to GWRRA Discount Benefit Program:

Melissa Eason, Executive Director of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), announced that AmeriPlan’s dental and healthcare programs have been added to their already extensive list of discount membership benefit programs. More

02.09.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Congratulations to Ginger Merritt
from Perris, CA, Chapter CA-1Z. Winner of the February "Where's Wingy" contest

"Wingy" was on page 44 in the
Motor Trike ad on the white
Trike, rear chrome rim.

01.21.09 :: Please join GWRRA in attending the following Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows:

February 6-8, 2009, at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N. River Rd., Rosemont, IL.
February 13-15, 2009, at the Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 Second Ave., South, Minneapolis, MN.

February 20-22, 2009, at the Carolina First Center, One Exposition Dr., Greenville, SC.  Discount tickets are available for GWRRA Members. Register online at www.motorcycleshows.com or call 800-331-5706.

01.13.09 :: Value Added to GWRRA Discount Benefit Program:

Melissa Eason, Executive Director of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), announced a change to the existing Member Discount Benefit Program, namely GWRRA’s Rescue Plus Towing and Emergency Roadside Assistance Program... Complete Article

01.13.09 :: Computer Classes Added to GWRRA Discount Benefit Membership Program:

Melissa Eason, Executive Director of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), is pleased to announce a new Member benefit!  GWRRA is partnering with Metrotek Learning, a leading computer software and business training company to provide the most complete and up-to-date, online computer training library available... Complete Article

01.09.09 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner:

Congratulations to Del Broyles from Rohnert Park, CA, Winner of the January"Where's Wingy" Contest.

Wingy was on page 32 in the
Add-On ad on the license plate

01.06.09 :: GWRRA will be attending ‘Cycle World':

GWRRA will be attending the ‘Cycle World International Motorcycle Show at Jacob K Javits Convention Center, 655 W 34th St., New York, NY, January 16-18, 2009.  Discount tickets are available for GWRRA Members.  Register online at motorcycleshows.com or call 800-331-5706.

12.01.08 :: Avis/Budget Discount Program For Members:

Gold Wing Road Riders Association GWRRA is pleased to announce a new Member Discount Benefit Program.  Melissa Eason,  Executive Director, has contracted with Avis and Budget Rent A Car to provide an exclusive discount for GWRRA Members.  This includes not only Members in the United States* and Canada but our International... Read More

11.10.08 :: “Where’s Wingy?” Winner

Kevin Cummins of Omaha, Nebraska, is the winner of the November “Where’s Wingy?” contest.  Wingy was located on page 78 in the Utopia ad on the girl wearing the purple-striped shirt.  Congratulations Kevin!

10.15.08 :: GWRRA Home Office Telephone Problems:

The Home office is currently experiencing a telephone system outage. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you require assistance please contact customer service via email. Click Here.

10.14.08 ::Honda Class Action Settlement:

Pursuant to the Settlement, Honda will make available its Frame Inspection and Remediation Program to all Settlement
Class Members for the lifetime of their motorcycle(s), free of charge. Honda will repair the Frame Weld Condition of any Class Vehicle that was
not previously repaired or if necessary perform additional repairs for the Frame Weld Condition for a Class Vehicle. Honda will also replace the frame
free of charge for any Class Vehicle that... Read More

09.01.08 :: The New GWRRA Business Membership:

Not yet a GWRRA Business Member?  There’s never been a better time to become a Business Member with three new levels of Membership that will be sure to fit your business needs and budget! For all the details on the Program and how to become a Member, please click on the Business Members link on the GWRRA Home Page or give us a call at 800-843-9460 ext. 233, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

08.06.08 :: Motorcycle Repair Shop List Now Online:

You asked for it - you got it!  The Gold Wing Motorcycle Repair Shop List is now available online to Members only.  You’ll find the site very user-friendly.  All you need to do is go to the GWRRA homepage, www.gwrra.org, and click on the Gold Wing Repair Shop link on the right hand side.  Once you have accessed the page, you will be required to enter your Member number and password. (The instructions for obtaining your password, if you don’t know it, are located at the bottom of the Motorcycle Repair Shop Login Page.) You will then have access to the list that you, the Members, created. It’s that simple! Remember – we will constantly be updating the list; so if you have a reputable shop you’d like to recommend, you can submit it to motorcycleshops@gwrra.org.

07.30.08 :: GWRRA
Establishes New Marketing Position; Contracts New Wing Ding Event Management Company:

GWRRA recently contracted KKT Event Management, LLC, of Surprise, Arizona, to coordinate future Wing Ding events, the next of which will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in July of 2009... More

07.21.08 :: Lost & Found From Wing Ding 30:

• Gray Motorcycle Cover
• Black Sun Visor
• Ladies Black Swirl Hat
• Flag
• Coleman Thermus
• Black Diabietes Supply Purse
• Canon Digital Camera
• Silver Bracelet
• Circle Bracelet
• HD Key
• Single Wal-Mart Key
• Blue Bunny Single Key
• Charity Poker Run & 06 Reservoir Ramble Pin
• Cat In The Hat Pin
• Eddie Bower Prescription Glasses
• Brown Nine West Ladies Sun Glasses
• Black Ladies Sunglasses With Diamonds On Front
• Camoflage Sunglasses
• Jessica M Ladies Sunglasses
• Silver Glasses
• Magnavision Prescription Glasses
• R Taiwan Sunglasses
• GWRRA Wing Ding Pin

07.10.08 :: Tulsa Is Excited To Host Wing Ding 31:

Tulsa is excited to be the host for the 31st Annual Wing Ding! Tulsa's friendly, cosmopolitan atmosphere and the first-class renovations to Expo Square will make your visit to our vibrant city a memorable one. Make your hotel reservations today and get ready to do some "Cruising to the Pow Wow."

To learn more about Tulsa's hidden treasures visit our web site at VisitTulsa.com.

07.08.08 :: Wing Ding Heads To Tulsa, Oklahoma:
Wing Ding 31 will be held July 2-5, 2009, at the Expo Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Register today by phone 800.843.9460. Website and housing information coming soon.