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GWRRA Ticket to Ride Contest Update!


The CONTEST is in high mojo so let's ALL have a great time with it! Members have been very excited and we appreciate it. We are half way through...


As of 4/11/2013 52,796 GWRRA Members have taken part in the contest as the momentum continues to grow - WOW!!! THAT'S A 22% INCREASE FROM OUR PREVIOUS UPDATE!

To date 72,250 points/tickets have been issued... NOW THAT'S FANTASTIC!!! 

 Points Breakdown Update as of 4/2/2013

  • Gold Book                                                       = 30,652
  • Membership/Membership Renewals      = 37,056  
  • Find-A-Friend/Recruiting                             = 3,465
  • Official Products Purchases                     = 1,057

Here are some of our Facebook Friends "contest humor comments" about the Gold Wing Giveaway Contest...

Al Smith - Nice
March 12 at 7:51am
Juliann Perrin -  Beautiful!!! My Hubby and I had a Trike conversion put on our Goldwing ... this would be a nice addition
March 12 at 9:08am
Donna Walker Sheffield - Sweet, but somebody's been riding my bike!
March 12 at 12:20pm
Narianne Massie - I wish this horse will be mine...I have never seen a Goldwing give-a-way.
March 12 at 1:54pm
Greg Naylor - It's mine I hope we can get it back to Australia
March 12 at 4:45pm

Click here for contest rules and to check how many tickets you have!

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