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GWRRA Ticket to Ride—Contest Update

The contest is well under way and GWRRA Members are having a great time with it! We are through the first few months of the contest and our Members have been very busy. To date 36,494 GWRRA Members have taken part and earned points in the contest and altogether have racked up a whopping 41,573* points/tickets …way to go!

To date, the points issued break down as follows:

  • 30,640—Gold Book inclusion
  • 9,701—membership/membership renewal
  • 1026—Find-a-Friend/Recruiting
  • 206—Official Products Purchases

A special mention to Gideon Bar-Tal from Chapter Israel –A, he has earned the most points to date with 46 points/entries. Mr. Bar-Tal recruited 15 memberships last month…Nice going and thanks for your efforts! Be sure to visit the GWRRA website often to check your point balance and  for updates on how you can win your next gold wing!

Want to see how many tickets you have so far?

Please Enter Your Six Digit Membership Number:

Official Rules

Open to all current GWRRA Members and any new Member who joins GWRRA during contest period. Members who have lapsed more than 6 months are considered new Members (Employees or Family will be excluded and are not eligible to win). Members must have a current membership on or before Dates Needed to be eligible for the "Honda Gold Wing F6B Giveaway". Submit any discrepancies to the Home Office no later than 9/30/2013. If discrepancies are not submitted by Dates Needed, all reward points will be final.


  1. GWRRA delivery reflects possession of the Gold Wing Prize to the Winner at the GWRRA Home Office located at: 21423 N.11th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85027 800.843.9460 | 623.581.9460.
  2. Gold Wing Prize Winner will have sole responsibility for any damages, whether it is visible damage or concealed damage upon possession and thereafter.
  3. Gold Wing Prize Winner will hold GWRRA harmless upon & after possession.
  4. GWRRA and the Gold Wing Prize Winner will inspect the motorcycle immediately upon possession.
  5. All State & Federal Taxes, Title & Registration will be the sole responsibility of the Gold Wing Prize Winner.
Ticket Allocation
  • Membership Dues – All dues discrepancies will require member to show a valid membership card for contest period.
    • 1 year membership receives 1 ticket
    • 2 year membership receives 3 tickets
    • 3 year membership receives 5 tickets
  • Rescue Plus – Renew or purchase Rescue Plus
    • 1 year receives 1 ticket
    • 2 year receives 3 tickets
    • 3 year receives 5 tickets
  • Find a Friend referrals
  • Every new household recruited receives 3 tickets.
  • GWRRA Official Product purchases – Member Number must be on invoice to receive credit. Every purchase of at least $50 (after any discounts), excluding tax and shipping, receives 1 ticket.
  • 2013 Gold Book entry
    All valid listings will receive 1 ticket on Dates Needed
  • Wing Ding Pre-Registration
    All valid pre-registrations will receive 5 tickets on Dates Needed
    Reward points will be added to the member listed on the invoice. After payment is taken, Reward points are not transferable.
  • "Tickets" are not tangible and Members will not receive real tickets, all qualified entries (tickets) are reported through Home Office and are managed through the GWRRA database.
  • Split payments apply; final split payment must be received by Dates Needed
  • Rescue Plus cannot exceed membership term. Rescue Plus points will only be given to main member. Due to our system, we do not put any invoices under the corridor records.
  • Pin & Patch sales do not count towards Official Products.