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Torrance, CA: As Honda’s lineup of 2013 motorcycles grows, the excitement is building as well. This latest announcement features brand-new models as well as a large assortment of returning favorites that carry strong demand among riding enthusiasts.

“This most recent release of wide-ranging brand-new models along with returning favorites is really exciting news for all riding enthusiasts,” said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. “The six new models we’re introducing today in the U.S. include five all-new motorcycles that represent some very innovative thinking on the part of Honda’s engineers and product planners, and they all bring their own distinct appeal to separate portions of the market. We’ve got the Gold Wing F6B, an ultra-cool big-displacement bike with a powerful six-cylinder engine that’s ready for cruising around town or weekend trips; an affordable, nimble-handling middleweight CBR500R sport bike that’s just the right size for newer riders moving up in displacement categories as well as for more experienced riders; the CB500F naked bike for riders in search of a mid-sized entry-level sporty bike that’s also a convenient daily ride; the middleweight CB500X adventure-style bike for newer or experienced riders who want to add a little escapism to their lives; a fresh take on the timeless air-cooled four-cylinder Honda performance machine, the CB1100, which boasts a muscular 1140cc engine; and a substantially redesigned CBR600RR, the newest and hottest iteration of the bike that singlehandedly redefined the 600cc sportbike class. We’ll also see three more favorite big-displacement Hondas return for 2013: the VFR1200F, CBR1000RR, and CB1000R. The return of the CRF450X and CRF250X will please the off-road crowd, and the Silver Wing and Ruckus, which are long-time Honda favorites among scooter riders, also return.

“Together, these machines represent an amazing array of models that appeal to different segments of the market, varying in basic concept, engine displacement, individual styling and more. And there are plenty of Honda Genuine Accessories to go along with these bikes too, which will allow owners to add those special custom touches to their bikes. With more choices and varieties than ever before, Honda showrooms are going to be a great place to shop around and let your imagination roam before you finally make your new-bike purchase decision in 2013.”

• Gold Wing F6B: Exceptional Performance, Extraordinary Style
Whether you have an hour, a weekend or a week to leave it all behind, here’s a new bold and blacked-out-styled machine to satisfy that urge to get away from it all—the brand-new Gold Wing® F6B. This machine is loaded with all the good looks and key features you want, and it’s all set for short hops or weekend trips. It starts with a powerful fuel-injected 1832cc six-cylinder engine that provides an unrivaled level of performance in the class. Honda’s unique, horizontally opposed six-cylinder layout also contributes to an exceptionally low center of gravity. That design, along with a large and stout twin-spar aluminum frame plus a sophisticated suspension system, gives the Gold Wing F6B remarkable nimbleness and maneuverability for superior handling. The blacked-out styling treatment with long and low lines gives the Gold Wing F6B an aggressive look, while large-capacity saddlebags, a comfortable gunfighter-style seat, premium audio system and more means there’s no need to rough it on the road. Available in standard or deluxe trim and offering a wide assortment of Honda Genuine Accessories, the 2013 Gold Wing F6B leaves plenty of room to add your own personal touch. Available in Black or Red on both standard and deluxe models. Price: $19,999; Deluxe $20,999. Availability: February 2013.

Black (Standard model shown) Red (Deluxe model shown)


• CBR500R: Boldly Redefining Middleweight Sport Bikes
With the introduction of the all-new CBR500R, Honda boldly redefines the middleweight class and infuses a whole new level of excitement for sport riders in search of superior value along with great fun. The CBR500R delivers plenty of performance to all sport riders, including riders moving up from the sporting, entry-level Honda CBR250R as well as more experienced riders who will appreciate the CBR500R’s light and nimble handling. Credit its thoroughly modern, torquey fuel-injected 500cc parallel-twin DOHC engine that’s wrapped in a great-handling chassis featuring a full fairing spawned from Honda’s much-acclaimed CBR600RR and CBR1000RR sportbikes. This aerodynamic bodywork also provides significant advantages in air management for added rider comfort, along with a low drag coefficient and effective engine cooling. A sophisticated chassis with Pro-Link® single-shock rear suspension, stout 41mm fork, sporting 17-inch wheels and a 320mm wave-style front disc brake and 240mm rear disc help round out a package that looks as good as it rolls. Standard model available in Black, Pearl White/Blue/Red or Red. ABS model available in Red only. Price: $5,999; ABS $6,499. Availability: April 2013.

Red (ABS model shown) Black (Standard model shown) White/Blue/Red (Standard Model Only)


• CB500F: Modern, Sporty And Naked
There’s an aura of independence and nonconformity that riders gain when they sling a leg over a modern naked bike—and that’s especially true when that naked bike is the all-new Honda CB500F. This modern and sporty 500cc naked bike not only carries a full load of attitude and style, it also delivers a gratifying level of performance and versatility. Whether you’re riding on your daily commute, headed for a weekend backroad blast or just hanging out with your riding buddies, the CB500F serves as a great option for just about any kind of street ride. Its slim profile and comfortable, neutral riding position let riders feel right at home in the saddle, and a sophisticated Honda Pro-Link rear suspension and big 41mm fork add to the comfortable ride and agile handling. For a unique ride that’s stylish, fun and affordable, it’s tough to top the new CB500F. Standard model available in Black or Pearl White. ABS model available in Black only. Price: $5,499; ABS $5,999. Availability: April 2013.

Black (ABS model shown) White (Standard model shown)


• For Riders In Search Of A Little More Adventure: CB500X

Matte Black Metallic (Standard model shown)
If you could use a little more adventure in your life—and who couldn’t?—the CB500X can deliver on that idea at a surprisingly affordable price. That’s the beauty of owning an adventure-style bike like the CB500X; every time you look at this bike it just about begs you to take it out in search of new roads, undiscovered places, fun sights to see. And the CB500X is not just a great ride, it’s also equipped with a load of features that give it an extra dose of versatility. The compact windscreen can be adjusted to varying heights, the open riding accommodations are extra roomy and the larger-capacity fuel tank has been carefully shaped to give the rider an unrestricted riding position. The long-stroke 41mm front fork yields a full 4.9 inches of travel and a wide handlebar allows for easy steering inputs. Also, a wide assortment of Honda Genuine Accessories lets riders personalize their bike with ease. But you don’t have to save up your CB500X for that once-in-a-while adventure tour; it also serves as a versatile ride to fulfill those everyday needs. Available in Matte Black Metallic on both standard and ABS models. Price: TBD. Availability: July 2013.

• CBR600RR: A Proven Winner
The lineage behind the CBR600RR boasts ongoing track-tested, championship-winning advancements in form and function that have kept this machine at the forefront of the 600cc Supersport class. This newly redesigned CBR600RR delivers stronger engine output for an elevated level of performance, a brand-new front suspension featuring Honda’s 41mm Big Piston Fork for exceptional handling and supple action, plus all-new MotoGP-inspired bodywork that’s a product of race-tested aerodynamic design. It all adds up to a sportbike that leads the way, whether it’s at the track or just a fun afternoon ride on your favorite backroads. Standard model available in Red, Repsol Edition or White/Blue/Red. C-ABS model available in Red only. Price: TBD. Availability: March 2013.

Red (C-ABS model shown) Repsol (Standard model shown) White/Blue/Red (Standard Model Only)


• CB1100: Timeless Look, Inspired Performance

Candy Red

For many riders, a motorcycle with a timeless look retains its own special place in the sport—and that’s what the CB1100 is all about. Better yet, with this bike it’s not just about sleek lines and a purist approach: check out the powerful 1140cc air-cooled DOHC engine that hearkens back to so many classic high-performance Hondas. The twin-shock rear suspension and 18-inch wheels build on the classic bike theme while still delivering sporty performance, and the powerful, thoroughly modern triple-disc-brake setup offers the option of ABS. There’s also the dual-overhead cam layout and four valves per cylinder for superior engine breathing, Honda’s sophisticated Programmed Fuel Injection for the latest in accurate fuel metering and consistent power production, plus more contemporary touches. All these modern highlights complement the CB1100’s timeless style to create a fresh category of motorcycle that’s just right for the times. Available in Candy Red. Price: $9,999; ABS $10,999. Availability: March 2013.

• Forward-Thinking Technology: VFR1200F

Black (Standard model shown)

The VFR1200F embodies a futuristic sport motorcycle created for the sheer joy of riding. Packed with loads of advanced technology developed for the world of MotoGP racing and created with Honda-style innovation, the VFR1200F has written a whole new chapter in the lore of Honda V-4 machines. Innovations such as Traction Control and an optional Dual Clutch Transmission make this bike the standard-bearer for forward-thinking technology in motorcycles. At the same time, there are still plenty of qualities such as an impressively strong engine, comfortable rider accommodations and excellent handling that make the VFR1200F the perfect ride, here and now. Available in Metallic Black. Price: $15,999; DCT $17,499. Availability: February 2013.


• CBR1000RR: The Sweet Spot In Superbike Design
Finding the sweet spot in Superbike design means attaining that perfect balance between power and handling—a balance point that allows the bike to function as an integrated, complete package for superior feel and performance. And that’s exactly what the Honda CBR1000RR brings to the table. Credit the race-proven 999cc engine that smoothly pumps out huge midrange power and torque for class-leading real-world muscle. And the lightweight aluminum frame is equipped with a modern-design Big Piston Fork and Honda’s Unit Pro-Link® rear suspension system that features a patented Balance-Free Rear Shock—all to sharpen the CBR1000RR’s renowned ultra-responsive middleweight-style handling. The aggressive bodywork isn’t there just for good looks; it’s also been designed and tested to provide the correct aerodynamic flow that aids high-speed handling. In short, the CBR1000RR simply defines the pure essence of all that a liter-class sportbike should be. Standard model available in Red, Repsol Edition or White/Blue/Red. C-ABS model available in Black. Price: Starting at $13,800; C-ABS $14,800. Availability: December 2012.

White/Blue/Red (Standard Model Only) Repsol (Standard model shown) Black (C-ABS model only)

(Standard also available in Red, not shown)


• All-Around Performer: CB1000R

Cool Pearl White

Just one look tells you the CB1000R recreates the well-established Honda formula for high performance in an unfaired four-cylinder bike—a design that has been thoroughly tested and validated over the years. The clean, essentials-only format perfectly frames the fuel-injected four-cylinder 998cc powerplant that’s fairly overflowing with loads of right-now power. The unique chassis incorporates a single-sided swingarm with a high-performance single-shock rear suspension that helps make the CB1000R an exclusive choice in today’s market. Whether you call it a naked bike, a street fighter or a race bike in civilian clothes, the CB1000R serves as an all-around high-performance machine that’s ready to take you where you want to go. Available in Cool Pearl White. Price: $11,760. Availability: December 2012.


• CRF450X: Impressive Credentials, Awesome Performance


Having won the world-renowned and ultra-rugged Baja 1000 and Baja 500 races multiple times—enough to rightfully earn its reputation as the King of Baja—the CRF450X boasts some pretty impressive credentials in the world of off-road racing. At the same time, if you’re planning a weekend of relaxed trail riding rather than aiming for a prestigious off-road racing victory, the CRF450X offers equally impressive credentials for a weekend of fun rides. So the choice is really up to you; no matter how seriously or how relaxed you want to approach your weekend ride, the CRF450X is more than up to the task. Available in Red. Price: $8,440. Availability: March 2013.


• CRF250X: Striking The Ideal Balance


Honda’s CRF250X stands tall as the machine that delivers a just-right balance of light weight, exemplary handling and tractable four-stroke power. Thanks to its handy size and weight and delightfully agile handling, this thoroughly capable off-road mount flat-out sets the standard for 250-class performance among off-road mounts. Whether you’re into off-road competition or you just enjoy leisurely explorations through the woods, the CRF250X is a great companion to have along for the ride. Available in Red. Price: $7,410. Availability: March 2013.



• Redefining What A Scooter Can Be: Silver Wing


Thanks to a unique pairing of a sophisticated liquid-cooled fuel-injected four-stroke 582cc twin-cylinder engine and a fully automatic transmission, the Silver Wing® has redefined the concept of what a scooter can achieve. This is a machine that can take you as far as the open road calls, by merit of its incredibly competent road-going credentials, plus its equally easy operation. While the Silver Wing serves perfectly well for everyday transportation duty, thousands of satisfied riders have created what is virtually a revolution in riding as they crisscross the USA in search of adventure, year after year, aboard this amazing ride. Available in Black. Price: TBD. Availability: March 2013.


• A Cool Little Scooter With A Dose Of Attitude: Ruckus
Go on, admit it: You can’t help but smile when you see the Ruckus®—right? And there’s no need to feel guilty about that. After all, the Ruckus is one cool little scooter with an extra dose of attitude. The fact that you’ve decided to go with an amazingly economical ride doesn’t mean that you have to disappear into the crowd. Go ahead and set off on your own course with the scooter that says it all—the Honda Ruckus. Available in Black and White/Red. Price: TBD. Availability: February 2013.

Black White/Red


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