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By: Stacy Valeu, GWRRA Member #310943

Dear Sir,

My two cents worth. I started riding Harley's in '1949 when my dad allowed me to purchase a WW-II 125 mail bike. It had rubber bands that looked like V-belts. Then, I had an Indian Scout and then, my first NEW purchase was a 1961 Sportster. Actually, I started riding doodle bugs first! Remember them?

When I first learned of Honda, the fellow tried to stay up with us on a Dream. Regretfully, we made a lot of fun of him, but he always caught up and was there at the end of the day. My wife and I have had Yamaha dirt bikes, a 650cc Yamaha street bike and she had a Yamaha 200cc street. All the years I rode to the Peoria TT races, the Springfield Mile, etc., I could never understand why the Harley riders always wanted to put on this persona of "Hardcore".

I never did and the fellows I chummed around with did not either. I have always worn a helmet and a good leather jacket for safety, but long straggly hair, tattoo's, leather vests with no shirt underneath, just to name a few things that things that turned me off! I love to ride and especially with someone else.

There is camaraderie in biking, plus safety. I sold my last Harley Springer Soft Tail two summers ago and had a 2005, 1800, white Gold Wing w/Hannigan trike kit in two weeks flat. My wife and I love the safety it provides and probably with too much pride, we love the attention this beauty attracts.

On a 9,000 mile trip recently, we had a whole bus load of French and Vietnamese visitors to the U.S. take photos and ask to sit on it. I had to kindly curtail some of that for fear of scratch marks on the paint. OK, plus I'm not the most open minded person in the world. So, sue me! We did really enjoy the attention though.

Since we have switched to Honda, I can honestly say I wish we had done it years sooner. The machine is fabulous and, like the old saying goes, "You meet the nicest people on a Honda." I could tell you stories and more like most Honda riders could, but time and space have to be considered here.

Your magazine is great, your Wing Dings are great, your Member Services are great, etc,etc.

Thanks for being so diligent for all the years you have been in service to the biking community.

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