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Joe's Picture Choosing Your Boots Wisely
By: Joe Mazza

When selecting a pair of boots for riding a motorcycle, one must take into consideration both comfort and safety.  As soon as you have chosen an appropriate pair of boots, you will discover you will not want to ride without them. They are crucial in shielding your feet, ankles and lower legs. In our one major accident, after being cut off in Dallas, Texas, the surgeon working on my wife's ankle injury stated that had she not been wearing the type of boot she was wearing, she most likely would have lost her foot. Those boots were the heavy, well constructed type. We both wear this style boot for maximum protection. If we are going to do a lot of walking after reaching our destination, we pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes to change into upon arrival.

Distinctive styles of boots can be purchased with minor investment these days. Things to look for when purchasing your boots are reinforced stitching, ankle protection, a shifter pad as well as a non-slip type sole. I recommend you go with quality boots that are made by well known manufacturers. 

Motorcycle boots are engineered to protect your feet in day-to-day riding as well as in uncommon circumstances and environments. It is crucial to realize the difference between motorcycle boots and other boots. Motorcycle boots that at least cover your ankles and at most go up to your mid calf are generally the safest and most recommended.

A terrific place to locate motorcycle boots is at your local motorcycle store/dealer. There you can ask for recommendations based on the type of riding you do. You can also check out some online merchants. They should list all the important information about the boots in which you are interested, as well as providing for exchanges should the boots not fit correctly. Remember, you are dressing for the fall, not the weather.

Drive Safe, Have Fun   


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