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Submitted by: Ann and Richard Bullis
New York Chapter K Assistant Chapter Directors

Ann and I have been together and riding motorcycles since we were 16 years old. My very first bike was a Kawaski 400 that I rode for a few years. I sold that to do some work to the custom Camaro that I was building. My next bike was a 1982 Honda V45 Sabre that I acquired in 1985. I just sold that bike this past summer. I loved that bike and never thought that I would sell it but after purchasing and riding my 2000 Valkyrie Interstate 3 years ago I decided it was time to sell the V45. I would like to eventually add a Gold Wing to my list however, am not sure when that is going to happen.


After purchasing the Valkyrie we discussed joining GWRRA. It was something that we talked about for quite some time. My lovely wife Ann was not very keen on being part of the motorcycle life, although she did not mind going for local rides. One day in April 2013 I decided to start a trial membership and to contact our local Chapter and see what GWRRA was all about. Ann called both the CD and the ACD and left messages. The ACD who was in the hospital at the time immediately called back. He encouraged us to attend the next meeting and told us that his wife Linda would be there to meet us.


We attended that meeting and received a very warm greeting from Linda. We left the meeting and we were not very sure if GWRRA was the right fit for us. After much discussion and keeping open minds, we attended the next two meetings and went on a couple of rides. We still were very unsure, but figured that we would sign up for a one-year membership and see how things worked out.


We continued to attend meetings and after a few months started to feel a little melancholy. It appeared the Chapter was going through changes although change is good, it was not what everyone wanted. More discussion between my wife and I were leaning toward allowing our membership to run out its course.


With the arrival of a new year came the arrival of our new Chapter Directors. January 2014 breathed new life into the Chapter and we decided that we would attend the meetings with open minds. We were not only overwhelmed with the pleasant change, we decided that we would volunteer in positions we never had given a thought to prior. We figured that this was our real chance to make a difference. I know a lot about computers, so I decided to see if I could handle the Webmaster position. I was given all of the support that I could ask for from the District Webmaster and was able to take over that task after a few days. My wife and I decided to become the Chapter MEC's. This is a very good position for us because I am very good on the computer and she is very good with people. We started making numerous phone calls and doing a tremendous amount of emails to everyone that was on our ARL for our Chapter. Since we started doing this our Chapter has grown a great deal and everyone is having FUN.


I traveled 300 mile and attended a 2 day class to become a PLP facilitator in June 2014. I did this with the Chapter Directors so we would be able to host PLP classes in our Chapter. Since that time we have offered 2 different PLP sessions. We both completed the OCP class in June. We also took the Road Captains class and are both in the Levels program. I am Level 3 and Ann is Level 2. She will be moving to Level 3 very shortly. We are both anxious to becoming Level 4 riders as quickly as possible.


We took another giant step and became ACD's September 1, 2014. This was right after we went on our first major event and long ride. We rode out to Nashville with 2 other bikes. The trip would be 950 miles each way, that being said Ann was a bit on edge about traveling that distance. She always talks about her fear of getting caught in a storm. Well thank God the weather was pristine for our trip out to Nashville. We drove part of Skyline Drive on the way down. She absolutely loved it. When we got to Nashville, she asked me when and where we were going to go next. Knowing that she wanted to do another ride made me feel really good because I know that she would have never done a trip like that if it was not for GWRRA and our Chapter Members.


Of course Ann's worst fears came true for the ride back to NY. We were on a tight schedule for our return trip, having to leave Sunday morning to go back to work on Tuesday. We decided to ride as far as we could on the first day so we could get home before the Labor Day traffic got really bad on Long Island. The only bad part was that rain was in the forecast and might I add some bad storms along the way. So what do you do, miss the first day of a new school year or ride in the rain. Well you guessed it, ride in the rain. She was great the entire ride home and she still wants to ride. There is nothing more that I could ask for that could possibly make me a happier man having Ann two up on a rainy day.


The highlight of the Nashville trip was receiving the Fun Couple Pin from Ray Garris, the National Director. It was a great honor to have been chosen to be the only couple to receive this pin at this event.


We are both looking forward to Wing Ding. We have decided that we will be leaving a week earlier and will ride the entire length of Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. And trust me, we wish that it was sooner because a year seems like it is too far off.


Being involved as we now are is very rewarding and we are very glad that we decided to become involved with GWRRA. We have only been Members for a little under a year and a half, but we have made so many great friends. We now seem to know people from all around the United States and even a few from Canada. Our only regret is that we wish that we would have become Members sooner. But that is okay because we are Members now and we are looking forward to many more happy years with our wonderful new family.


It is good if you are a Member and are reading this. The only advice that I can give is get involved and if you are involved get more involved. The more involved you are the more FUN you will have.


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