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Saturday At Wing Ding
Submitted by George Click
Chapter Ohio W Educator
Member number: 81649

The plan for Saturday was to go to the Master's Breakfast, visit the J & M people to see if my headset had a short then return to the hotel, pack and head for home.

I was on time for the Master's Breakfast which was well attended with plenty to eat. After the breakfast I returned to my trike, removed my vest, put on my jacket and proceeded toward the coliseum and the J & M booth. As I approached Coliseum Drive, the light was red, so I stopped and waited for my green light. When the light turned green I looked both ways and started across Coliseum Drive. All was going well when I heard something that just did not sound right. I looked to my right and here comes a black car right at me. Tires were squalling and I hoped/thought maybe she would miss me. A loud crash was heard, the trike was spun around, do not know how often, and I ended up on the pavement.

I must have been knocked out briefly as the next thing I remembered was "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge". There was a ring of friends looking down at me in a complete circle. One of the Gold Wingers stated he was a fireman/EMT and he took over. He made sure the squad was called and asked for a first aid kit to get 2 by 2's or 4 by 4's to wipe the blood from my face. JoAnne Glick from Newark, Ohio verified the fact I had the green light and I asked her to tell the police, she assured me she would.

The police soon arrive along with the local EMT's who took off my helmet, put on a cervical collar and strapped me to a gurney for transport to the hospital. Now as we proceeded to the hospital, I was worried as to where is my trike, where are my keys, my helmet etc. My Mary was now with me in the ER having been transported to the hospital by the hotel manager. The ER personnel proceeded to do their thing with X-Rays and a CT of the head and removal of the remaining blood on my face. Results of the tests were a shoulder separation, no fractures and the CT was also normal. I was given discharge instructions along with a script for pain pills and released. Mary called the hotel and the manager came and transported us back to the hotel, super nice guy.

Soon the room phone rang and it was Robert G. Williams, our Ohio District Director. He said he would be there shortly. Soon there was a knock at the door and there was Robert. Robert had gotten with the manager of the coliseum and somehow found where we were staying. He had taken over the task of getting everything (trike, keys, helmet etc.) from the crash scene together. He had a tech person from the Hannigan display check the trike and he stated it should be OK to ride home. Robert's plan, if I agreed, was he would ride my trike home and Mary and I would ride home with Angela, Robert's wife in her car. I agreed to the plan - who wouldn't as it solved many of my problems. Robert and Angela attended the closing ceremonies, returned to our hotel and we came on home.

THANKS Robert for volunteering, Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge. As Mary and I rode with Angela in air conditioned comfort, Robert was out in the 90 degree heat. I cannot thank Robert enough.

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