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Officer Story

Hooky Ride
Submitted by: Tom Hendricks
Chapter TX-U

According to Dictionary.com the definition of the word hooky is "unjustifiable absence from school, work, etc.", and the word retired is defined as "withdrawn from or no longer occupied with one's business or profession."

Some would wonder what could possibly tie these two definitions together. Many of us are fortunate enough to be retired from singular or multiple professions, and are basking in the glory of finally being able to do what we want, when we want. If we have managed our lives and finances well, we achieve the maximum enjoyment along with the time to do whatever our hearts desire. So, we enjoy activities such as playing golf, cards, going to movies and the ballet, eating out more than we should and, still try to keep up a valid physical fitness regimen. Some of us ride motorcycles, and while still trying to do the aforementioned activities, we try to ride our bikes on a somewhat scheduled basis, and occasionally want to do something spontaneous.

In our working lives we sometimes took absences from work or school to break up the monotony, and now we also wish to get out of the rut and do something fun, different, with good friends and with a little bit more of the spur of the moment thrown in.

Hence, the Hooky Ride. We awake one fine morning, and rejoice in the fact we have been blessed with the ability to glorify in another day. What to do? Enjoy a special day, not just another in a spectrum of planned activity but a day to remember, a day to ride, a day to eat a hamburger with greasy french fries for lunch without checking your cholesterol count, to spend a day not worrying about the cost of gas and how many miles per gallon you need to make it to a destination. Today is a day for making memories. It's time to call your riding buddies, tell them you are going riding and that you are going to meet at a designated hour to determine a destination, a route, and plan to be back by suppertime, or not. So simple, really, especially if you already have a few ideas you have been working on of places to go, and what to see along a particular way.

Sometimes spontaneity is not as spontaneous as one might wish, so your plans might need a little more leeway, i.e., instead of riding with your group on a weekend, you might ride during the week. If you can plan around the rush hour traffic for working folks, it's a great time to ride, as destination locations are normally not as busy during the week, and traffic is down on primary and secondary roads. An additional bonus is you can use weekend to promote family times while still getting in good riding during the week with no feelings of guilt or neglecting anyone.

Hooky rides are "win, win" situations. You feel good after an outing. You get a small jolt, just like back in high school, for breaking out of your regimen and doing something unexpected, fun, maybe daring, and making time for something near and dear to your passion of getting on down the road on your favorite steed.

Playing hooky is not just for kids anymore; try a Hooky Ride and remember what it was like to ride for the sake of riding, coming home tired, but with your mind refreshed and primed to once again go play golf or sit in the theater watching the symphony awaiting for your next opportunity to play hooky.

Credit for instituting the Hooky Ride around San Antonio, Texas is given to Larry Hammond, Chapter U, Texas District, Region H, GWRRA. It's all part of Fun, Safety and Knowledge.

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