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Submitted by: Chris and Vickie Thacker
Frankfort, OH Member #326270

This is a letter I composed directly after Wing Ding 34 in Fort Wayne. There are many very active groups we have met over the last few years, but this one needs honorable mention. Our group in Ohio has disbanded and we never really got a taste of what it was like to belong to an active group. We still are about 100 miles from this Ohio Chapter, E2, but our joy of belonging to GWRRA has been rekindled by the kindness they have shown.

In the last three years, it has been very difficult for my co-rider and bride of 22 years and myself to feel as though we belong in GWRRA without a local Chapter. We have continued to be loyal GWRRA Members, and feel blessed when we attend GWRRA functions to find new friends and joyful memories with groups from throughout our country and others.

During our trip and stay throughout Wing Ding 34 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we stayed at the Marriott Courtyard North in Fort Wayne. We were blessed to share our attendance with "E2" during our stay. We shared common locations we had visited, lifestyle thoughts and ideas as well as habits, likes and dislikes. This was, to say the least, a refreshing change from our previous trips. The attending Members from E2 welcomed us with open arms and we spent five wonderful days being part of a group, instead of a couple on their own out there far away from home.

We have always enjoyed the activities provided at the Wing Dings for GWRRA Members, but have never enjoyed it as Members of a group. The open arms of "E2" allowed us to enjoy it with friends and it added so many wonderful memories to the experience.

When asked at GWRRA activities what Chapter we belong to, we have told them the "Hummingbird Hill" Chapter. (That is what we call our secluded house in the hills of Frankfort, Ohio). Of course, they have never accepted this, so we just end up using our membership number.

During the Grand Parade, which is a portion of Wing Dings that I enjoy the most, we were asked to carry the Ohio flag through the parade. What a wonderful honor and privilege! This, along with feeling as though we belonged because of the "E2" Chapter, made this one of the most memorable rides ever!!

On the way back to Ohio, we were asked to ride with "E2" until we headed off to home. We not only enjoyed having the security of riding in a group for the first time, but had wonderful people with us to share and enjoy the memories of the ride. This is priceless!!

We stopped at Behm's Restaurant for breakfast on St. Mary's Lake and had an enjoyable time. The ride home seemed to go faster, and the places seen along the way meant so much more.

We would like to thank "E2" for being friends and part of our GWRRA family during and after Wing Ding 34 in Fort Wayne from the bottom of our hearts. There will always be wonderful memories not possible if we were left to ourselves during this time. We can't say enough what this means to us.

Our plans are to make sure we aren't strangers to "E2" from this point forward. This is a wonderful and impressive group that represented "E2" in Fort Wayne. Cincy should be very proud to be represented by a group such as this!

Our experience with other Chapters throughout Ohio require us to travel for long distances to attend meetings and don't have people we relate to in such a manner. Please keep us informed of future plans and thanks again! E2 Rocks!!!

We are looking forward to meeting new friends when we motor down to Greenville, South Carolina this year!