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submitted by Randy Rodriguez
International Director-Drill Teams

Bringing Back the Challenge - 2013

Wing Ding 34 was turnover time for Drill Team Director. Now that we've had a year to work on programs, the Drill Teams site within the GWRRA website is up and running at www.gwrra.org under Programs/Rider Education pushbutton. We have information on starting a team and contacts for the teams.

Just to give you a preview of Wing Ding 35, we will be unveiling some new ideas and changes. All GWRRA teams have been sent a preview of competition rules for drill teams. New skills have been added to the inventory for Top Gun. The long-revered course for Amazing Team Challenge will be changed, and a new competition class will be added. Curious yet?

For years the Drill Teams have been entertaining riders at Wing Ding. A decade ago they were competing, but that stopped. Camps are divided as to whether GWRRA riders were more interested in competitions or shows. The biggest difference being that precision is best done slowly, while the showmanship is much better with a touch of speed and riders separating and crossing. I would appreciate LOTS of feedback from you, the riders who watch and enjoy, about which you prefer. The new rules will be tested this year, then modified for 2014 based on feedback from the teams and the4/24/13 GWRRA Mail - e-Newsletter fromGoldWing RoadRiders Association https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=10ee79f475&view=lg&msg=13e3dab3c1b3548a 8/12 WING WORLD MAGAZINE We have a new look! Please visit http://wingworldmag.com/ Our new magazine web site: Easy to read Easy to navigate View current and past issues of Wing World magazine Visit our current list of advertisers PLUS Much More! For advertising opportunities please call one of our Account Executives at 800-843-9460 (or 623-581- 2500 in Phx. area) ext 231, 250 or 219 To view the magazine online or to sign up as a trial Member, please contact Member Services at800-843- 9460 or, in the Phoenix area,623-581-2500. GWRRA.ORG UPDATES 1. There is now an events page where Members can post their own events to our website. Try it out! this year, then modified for 2014 based on feedback from the teams and the spectators.

And if we can find field time available, we will be doing training again for any riders who are interested in learning drill team riding. The point of Top Gun was always to encourage excellence. We are adding some new skills this year. They are posted on the website so you can start practicing now. The course will be set up this year so that riders can travel from one skill to the next without a map, and with as little delay as possible.

The course has been the same at Amazing Team Challenge (ATC) since it was introduced to GWRRA, and it remains the same on the website, however.... The kid gloves are off when it comes to Wing Ding. ATC has always encouraged hosts to be creative with their layouts to accommodate space available, but I'm encouraging all of you who utilize the course to change it regularly. ATC is about navigating with skill, not memorizing a short course. "Challenge" is the game at WD 35!

Also, we're adding a category for 65 & Over this year for Amazing Team Challenge. Next year we plan to add a new Master division for previous Champions, opening the door for new potential winners and creating a Battle Royal group for bragging rights.

There is a Novice Challenge course on the Drill Teams site. It includes the same skills that are currently in Amazing Team Challenge with some changes and extras. The course is a little bit wider so riders can get familiar with following a course laid out with cones. That is a skill of its own for anyone who's never done it. It also has a stop box in the middle and it has a slow ride segment in the middle. That makes the stopwatch useless, as a good slow rider will naturally have a longer time. The Novice Challenge course will allow riders to learn the basic skills of ATC, all good skills to have on the highway and city streets, without anyone pressuring them with a stopwatch.

We have a lot of former Drill Team riders, lots of Top Gun riders and lots of Amazing Team Challenge riders out there in GWRRA. Your inputs are welcome. My email is gwrradrillteams@att.net. See you in Greenville!

I'm looking for the kind folks who helped register and score the riders over the last few years at Wing Ding to see if we can assemble a team before we arrive. Your help is appreciated. It always has been.

Sharon Stanley, GWRRA's own Wonder Woman, came out and competed in Top Gun last year. Maybe we can get her to try Drill Team or Amazing Team Challenge this year!

I've committed to travel up to 1,000 miles to help you get a new team started. I have a few other volunteers who will travel to help you get started who may be closer, but wherever you are, call or email me and I'll find a way to get there or get a veteran rider to help you get started. If you've already started and just need some suggestions, call or email and I'll get it done.

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