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Members Story:Then and Now

Submitted by
Ron and Karen Knudtson
GWRRA members 79100&79122-01
Former Chapter, District, & Region Directors

If we could choose only one word to describe riding through the country on a trike, it would be passionate. There is not much that can describe enjoying a weekend get-a-way with our families, or embarking on a month-long journey to experience America by way of its highways and byways.

If we had the liberty of choosing yet another descriptive word, resilient also comes to mind. Regardless of the economic challenges we find ourselves faced with from time to time, we "trikers/bikers" stay true to the course of doing what we enjoy.

Over the past several years, there have been significant changes such as changing our two-wheeler to a three-wheeler, however, we have the enjoyment of hitting the open road in pursuit of our passions.

We sit back and enjoy the ride as we travel down memory lane, remembering the "days of then".

Through our twenty years with GWRRA, we have founded a new family, learned the rules of safety on the road, have been educated in motorcycle awareness, and experienced worlds of fun with those that share our passion.

It's a way of life - our life. It's our connection to family, friends, nature, and our GWRRA family. It is our passion!

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