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August 28th - September 1st

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The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is the world's largest single-marque social organization for owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing/Valkyrie motorcycles -- and some would say, the world's largest family. Dedicated to our motto, Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge, GWRRA members enjoy the freedom of belonging to a not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political organization.

Founded in 1977, GWRRA has grown to more than 72,000 U.S., Canadian and international Members in 53 foreign countries in just 35 years. Over 800 active Chapters are managed by 4,000 volunteer leaders working with members to foster safe, enjoyable riding while also working to improve the public image of motorcycling. Read More

Recent News

8.31.16 - Volunteer for Wing Ding 39.

Interested in volunteering for Wing Ding 39 in Grapevine, Texas? Great! Call Member Services at 1-800-843-9460, or use the online form HERE »

8.31.16 - Wing Ding 39 Location Announced!

Wing Ding 39 will be in Grapevine, Texas, August 27 - September 2, 2017.Go to Wing-Ding.org for more information.

1.28.16 - Volunteer for Wing Ding 38.

Interested in volunteering for Wing Ding 38 in Billings, Montana? Great! Call Member Services at 1-800-843-9460, or use the online form HERE »

12.08.15 - More Rescue Benefits.

As part of GWRRA's Rescue Standard, free to all members, and our popular Rescue Plus, Nation Safe Drivers provides a range of additional benefits to GWRRA members. Check them out here »

12.02.15 - GWRRA motorcycle safety.

GWRRA continues its relationship with the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators in a continuing effort to increase motrocycle safety throughout the United States. View Letter

11.1.15 - Wing Ding 37 - Recap.

This year's Wing Ding 37 Rocket City Roadtrip was a blast! Check out Wing World magazine's Wing Ding 37: Remembered with Images and Video. CLICK HERE

10.15.15 - ATTENTION GWRRA MEMBERS: 2016 Gold Book updates are due by Monday, November 2nd.

Print and mail the listing card HERE to the address below, or submit your changes using one of these other listed methods.

Mail: 21423 N. 11th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85027 USA
Email: memberservices@gwrra.org
Phone: 800-843-9460 / 623-581-2500
Manage My Record: membership.gwrra.org
Website: gwrra.org/contact.html
Online Chat: gwrra.org/livechat.html
Fax: 877-348-9416

Go to Wing-Ding.org for more information.

9.05.15 - Wing Ding 38 Location Announced!

Wing Ding 38 Blazin the Beartooths will be in Billings, MT, August 31 - September 3, 2016.Go to Wing-Ding.org for more information.

7.14.15 - Recruit to Wing Ding Contest Update

The June numbers have been posted. Click here to view.

7.06.15 - Recruit to Wing Ding Contest Update

The May numbers have been posted. Click here to view.

7.01.15 - Region F Newsletter Article - Mike & Ruth Burke / Region F Educators

An excellent article from the Region F Newsletter with Safety Tips. Click Here for the PDF.

6.15.15 - Wing World Article Notice: June 2015

In June's article "Part II, Motorcycle Tires: A primer for the layperson," a line in the article states, "Not only that, but the folks who install tires at these events aren't necessarily familiar with your Gold Wing's maintenance procedures and specifications. At rally's end, they evaporate into thin air, leaving customers unlucky enough to have installation issues twisting in the wind."

GWRRA recommends that if you bring your bike to a rally, remember to research the company providing service on your bike. GWRRA emphasizes that it makes sure to have reputable vendors at all its events and that they are there to provide the best service they can to you. View the Article

4.13.15 - Special Thanks to photographer Evan Parton from NC I

We would like to give special thanks to Evan Porter from NC I for the excellent cover image he provided for the May 2015 issue of Wing World Magazine.

4.1.15 - Recruit to Wing Ding: Regional Recruiting Contest Announced

GWRRA announces the "Recruit to Wing Ding" regional recruiting contest with cool prizes for regions exceeding their recruiting numbers for last year! Visit the contest page for more detailed information.

3.16.15 - Notice: 2014 MEC of the Year Nominations

District and Region MECs be sure to submit your 2014 MEC of the Year Nominations by May 1, 2015. MEC Recognition Program Guide and 2014 MEC of the Year Nomination Form can be found at http://mep.gwrra.org/mecoy.html.

Important Links: MECOY Page, MEC Guides, MECOY Nomination Form, and MECOY Program Guide.

2.4.15 - Notice: March 2015 and the 2015 Gold Book Delayed

Due to the printing of 2015 Gold Book, the March issue along with the Gold Book will be delayed this month. Please allow until the 28th of February for it arrive. However, the March 2015 issue of Wing World is available online Here.

2.1.15 - New, easy-to-use GWRRA Store Store launched

We're proud to announce that GWRRA has launched a new online shopping experience, making it easier to find you want across any device. Find your GWRRA Merchandise today!

1.26.15 - New 40 To Phoenix Website

Today we launched the new 40 To Phoenix website to accompany the existing Facebook Page and Facebook Group, helping promote this growing event.

1.16.15 - New Member Survey Launched

To start of the new year right we've been hard at work building a new survey system to learn more about our Members! Today we launched it. To take the most recent survey see the banner on the GWRRA Homepage.

12.23.14 - Wing World Online Redesigns its Workbench section

You've asked for an easier-to-read Workbench and we've delivered. Click here to view the January 2015 Workbench on WingWorldMag.com.

11.17.14 - Honda Acknowledges the Beginning of GWRRA as a Major Event in it's Gold Wing Timeline

Click here to view the new Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Press Kit with the timeline.

10.7.14 - GWRRA Announces New Events for Reno Rendezvous

We are proud to announce several newly added events for the Reno Rendezvous 2015 lineup. Click Here to learn more.

Notice: Want to stay up-to-date on the latest Reno Rendezvous news? Sign up for the Reno Rendezvous Newsletter Here!

9.3.14 - GWRRA's "Weekend at the Opry" is Now Over

We had a great time this past Labor Day weekend at our "Weekend at the Opry" event in Nashville, TN! If you missed it, feel free to visit the website to see what we did.

7.15.14 - New National Event Announced

GWRRA is proud to announce Reno Rendezvous, the newest big thing in motorcycle touring events coming this June 18-20, 2015 in beautiful Reno, Nevada at the luxurious Grand Sierra Resort. Click Here to learn more.

7.2.14 - Wing Ding 37 Location Announced

GWRRA is proud to announce the location of Wing Ding 37 coming next September 3-6, 2015! Wing Ding 37 "Rocket City Road Trip" will be in Huntsville, Alabama. Click Here to learn more.

6.15.14 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Notice: Where's Wingy winners will now be posted on the Wing World Magazine Website, here.

5.15.14 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Derry Stangel our May "Where's Wingy" Winner!

Wingy is located on page 20 on the top of the red saddle bag on the left hand side of the page.

4.17.14 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Harold G. Darnell our April "Where's Wingy" Winner!

Wingy is located on page 20 in the lower left-hand corner of the camera.

4.1.14 - "Rescue Plus: Not Without Making it Better."

Over the 16 years that I�ve had the privilege to serve the membership of GWRRA, I have always been amazed how hard this organization works to take care of each and every one of its Members. Very few groups of this nature provide their membership with as much as GWRRA does and that continues to be a great sense of pride for all of us. So much so that we spend countless hours looking for the next great product or service that we can proudly bring into the GWRRA package of Member benefits.

One that we take pride in is our roadside assistance program, better known as Rescue and Rescue Plus. As you know, Rescue is included with your membership and provides roadside assistance to your motorcycles. Rescue Plus is an add-on benefit, which works on not only your motorcycles, but also your non-commercial vehicles.

For the last 10-plus years, our Rescue Plus program has been offered at a rate of $25 per year � a price that is almost 75 percent less than its nearest competitor. Through the increases in fuel costs, insurance costs and typical inflation price increases, we worked hard to keep it fixed in order to keep offering an amazing program at an even more amazing rate.

Unfortunately, we have found ourselves in a position where we can no longer offer such an outstanding benefit at its current price. Beginning April 1, 2014, the price of our Rescue Plus program will increase to $35 per year after almost 10 years at its previous rate. But at this price, we are still more than 70 percent below our fellow competitors offering a similar (and often inferior) product. As much as we disliked increasing our rates, we refused to do so without adding additional benefits to this already great program.

Our program will now also include two new benefits to enhance your Rescue Plus, the first being MedeFile, a digitally secure way to keep your medical records. Having your medical records handy could be crucial in an emergency situation, particularly if you�re out on the road. The second is a prescription discount card that you can use at thousands of pharmacies to reduce the cost of your prescriptions. Alternatively, you can also use the discounts for mail-order prescriptions.

I hope that you will give this great program a try. It brings us great joy and peace of mind to know that our membership is taken care of no matter where they are or whether they are on two, three or four wheels. For more information, please contact our Member Services department at 800–843–9460.

Abel Gallardo President President@gwrra.org

3.17.14 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Sam Einfeldt our March "Where's Wingy" Winner!

Wingy is located on page 28 in the picture with the type writer. He is on the right side of the keys.

2.13.14 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Roger Norman our February "Where's Wingy" Winner!

Wingy is located on page 51 of the Feb. WW in the top middle picture to the right of the Silver Wing just to the side of the street sign.

1.14.14 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

John F. Wood from Lexington, SC.

Our January "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 39 in the top-left picture, sitting next to the gentleman's beard.

12.12.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Larry Poteet from Mustang, OK.

Our December "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 44, sitting in the coin slot of the telescope.

11.21.13 - "Ticket To Ride Winner Announcement

Steve Crane of Asheboro, NC.

The winner of the brand new 2012 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 from the Ticket To Ride contest. The winning ticket number: 137240.View pictures of the delivery in North Carolina.

11.18.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Kevin Greenwald from Sheboygan, WI.

Our November "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 30, in the lower right of the Work Bench feature photo.

10.7.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

William Flowers from Linden, NC.

Our October "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 51, on the driver's right foot peg.

10.3.13 - Holiday Gift Guide

The new Wing World Magazine Holiday Gift Guide is out and posted on the Wing World Magazine website here. It's a list of some of our favorite vendors that can help you find the right gift for the motorcycle lovers in your life.

9.12.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Jerry Tate from Cairo, GA.

Our September "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 74, on the seat, behind the windshield of the silver GL1800.

9.12.13 - It's 2014 Gold Book Time

Yes, it's that time of year again. New Members, if you would like to be listed in the 2014 Gold Book Service Directory, contact GWRRA before October 31, 2013! Learn more

8.19.13 - Find a Friend

A big thank you to Lunasee for donating an ASL 1000, two wheel, side lighting kit (retail value $199.95) for the GWRRA Find a Friend program. Please visit their website at: http://shop.lunasee.com/

Congratulations to Davind Angell of MN for winning the prize!

8.15.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Mary Schwartzmiller from Bedford, KY.

Our August "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 21, in the top overlay picture of the chop house, next to the door in the window.

7.16.13 - Find a Friend

A big thank you to Lunasee for donating an ASL 1000, two wheel, side lighting kit (retail value $199.95) for the GWRRA Find a Friend program. Please visit their website at: http://shop.lunasee.com/

Congratulations to Gary Meyeholtz of IN for winning the prize!

7.08.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Bev Brown from Moweaqua, IL.

Our July "Where's Wingy" Winner! Wingy can be found on page 4, in the middle picture in front of the building, in third section from the right, next to the ice machine.

6.13.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Steve from Faller, MO.

Our June Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 30, Left of the orange motorcycle, sitting on table.

5.6.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Charles from Jones, FL.

Our May Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 31, On top of page right side next to bike kneeling in front.

5.1.13 - Wing World Magazine

The June edition of Wing World Magazine is now online!
Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

4.4.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Bill & Debbie from Fort Gibson, OK

Our April Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 80, in the Lower right hand corner, sitting on arm rest of Wing in the Wing Ding ad. 

4.1.13 - Wing World Magazine

The May edition of Wing World Magazine is now online!
Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

3.11.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Sharon from Farber, IL.

Our March Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 24, Sitting on the back of a Black bike in the 1st row.

2.28.13 - Wing World Magazine

The April edition of Wing World Magazine is now online!
Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

2.7.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Carole Henderson from Canton, IL.

Our February Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 68, He is between the girl in a lawn chair and the man standing up.

2.1.13 - "Wing World Magazine"

The March issue of Wing World Magazine is now online! Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

1.9.13 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Eric Eck from Keizer, OR.

Our January Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 37, Wingy is between the round green tree and guy in the orange and yellow jacket.

1.3.13 - "Wing World Magazine"

The February issue of Wing World Magazine is now online! Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

12.10.12 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Ron Mitchell from Copperas Cove, TX.

Our December Where's Wingy Winner! Wingy can be found on page 67, He's in the "Thoroughbred Motorsports" picture in the center of the page.

11.27.12 - GWRRA 35th Anniversary Cruise Pics Online!

CLICK HERE to see pictures from our 7 day Carribean cruise celebrating our 35th anniversary! We all had a great time!

11.8.12 - New Womens Clothing Line!

You ladies asked for it and now you got it.  GWRRA is proud to announce a whole new product line just for the women of GWRRA.  We have short sleeve shirts in all different styles, lounge pants to wear on a chilly night, and a brand new storm jacket to protect you from the elements. Click here to see our latest styles!

11.8.12 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

 Diana M. McKenzie of Cumberland, Maryland!

Page 81 - He is in the picture entitled "Just Jokin’...” Wingy is over to the right behind the grass.

11.5.12 - Wing World Website

We just launched a brand new, redesigned website for Wing World Magazine! Visit the new site at http://wingworldmag.com/ Also, check out Wing World Magazine's New Facebook page! http://facebook.com/WingWorldMag

11.1.12 : Wing World Magazine:

The December Issue of Wing World Magazine is now available online! Visit http://wingworldmag.com/

9.13.12 - New Antigua Clothing Line

We just received our new antigua line of mens polo shirts! Made of %100 polyester with desert dry moisture management. A very lightweight and comfortable shirt to wear for all occasions! Show your support for GWRRA with these brand new polo shirts. Sizes vary upon model. Click Here!

8.28.12 - New Product! Long Sleeve Dry Tech

Check out our NEW Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Royal Blue Tee. For only $24.99! This stain resistant Tee is designed with moisture wicking and anti-microbial protection and with its Four-way stretch fabric it allows for greater mobility! Also, the tight knit fabric will resist snagging with 100% polyester interlock construction!

8.21.12 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

JoAnn MacLean of Canyon Country, California!

Page  21 - In the advertisement for Richard M Lester. Wingy is in the middle of the 2 men kneeling in front of the car.

8.1.12 - Wing World Magazine

The September issue of Wing Wolrd Magazine is available online now! http://wingworldmag.com

7.16.12 - "Where's Wingy?" Winner

Dallas Risling of Yanktown, SD!

Page  68 - Bottom picture, under the flag pole on the right side.

7.10.12 - "New Member Benefits!"

You can now save 15% off your stay at Red Roof Inn, or 10% off at Motel 6! Visit the Benefits Page for full details.

7.5.12 - "New Director of GWRRA"

Jere Goodman named new director of Gold Wing Road Riders Association! Official Press Release Here

6.4.12 - “Where’s Wingy?” Winner

Tim Istvan of Calgary, Alberta!

Page  4 - Wingy is at the bottom of the page, at the convention, just to the right of the Wingstuff banner in the back..

5.31.12 - Wing World Magazine

Visit http://www.wingworldmag.com to read the July issue of Wing World Magazine.

5.24.12 - KOA Discontinues Value Kard Rewards Membership Program

KOA has announced today that they have discontinued the Value Kard Rewards Membership Program. KOA is working on a new offer which we will introduce as soon as it's available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

5.24.12 - Wing Ding Spotlight Now available!

Click Here for the Wing Ding Spotlight!

5.7.12 - GWRRA On Good Morning Arizona

Click here to watch GWRRA show its support on "Good Morning Arizona"

4.18.12 - “Where’s Wingy?” Winner

Dot Kapp of Phoenix, AZ!

Page  19 - There are seven pictures across the bottom of the page, he is in third picture from the left.

4.13.12 - GWRRA 35th Anniversary Cruise Update

Norwegian Cruise Lines announced today that April 23, 2012 is the deadline date to guarantee prices for the GWRRA 35TH Anniversary Caribbean Cruise. Reservations will be accepted after the deadline date of April 23, at the prevailing prices established by NCL. Click here for details...

4.9.12 - Price Correction: Midwest Cycle Pro

The LED Driving Lights by Add On were advertised in the May issue of Wing World magazine with an incorrect price.  The correct price is $259.95.  We sincerely apologize for the error.

2.9.12 - “Where’s Wingy?” Winner

Doug Mundy of Omaha, Ne.

Page  53 - He is on the left side of page 42. In the window of the blue tent camper by Time Out Trailers Inc.

2.2.12 - New President of GWRRA

GWRRA is proud to announce our new president Abel Gallardo! Official Press Release Here.

2.2.12 - 35th Anniversary Cruise Port of Call Update

Norwegian Cruise Lines announced the GWRRA 35th Anniversary Cruise Port of Call in Jamaica has changed from Falmouth to Ocho Rios. Please click to read this update

1.27.12 - 35th Anniversary Cruise Update

The GWRRA 35th Anniversary Cruise date has changed. Please click to read this important update

1.12.12 - Web Site Give Away

Congratulations to this week's winners! If you haven't won yet, today is the last day for your chance to get your hands on some great prizes!

Monday's winners; Online Wingy Winner - John Bird, Facebook - Dan Simpson, Twitter - Dwayne Harmon.

Tuesday's Winners; Online Wingy Winner - David Hatton, Facebook - Jim Hewitt, Twitter - Brenda Perkinson.

Wednesday's Winners: Online Wingy Winner - Mary Schwartzmiller, Facebook - Clarence Rowe, Twitter - Lloyd Walker

1.11.12 - John Lehman Passes Away

Lehman Trikes Founder and Director, John Lehman, passed away January 5th. Our condolences to the lehman family. Click here for Industry News Article.

1.9.12 - Loyalty Savings Program

Please read this Press Release regarding the *NEW* member savings loyalty coupons program!


Wingy is lost in the online world! Find him each day this week and you could win some great prizes. To learn how else you can win, Click Here.

1.8.12 - New Website & Prize Giveaway

Please read this Press Release to find out how you can win prizes simply by visiting our new site, liking our facebook page, or following us on twitter!

1.4.12 - “Where’s Wingy?” Winner

Charles J. Jones of Melbourne, FL

Page  53 - January 2012 issue On bottom left of page on rock above cycle on the left side.

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